The Gift

The box came by courier. She opened the door and her eyes widened in curiosity at the parcel he carried. The delivery man proffered an electronic pad and she scrawled something almost entirely unlike her signature on it. He smiled and wished her a nice day.

The box was large, a couple of feet in all dimensions but was relatively light she checked the labels on the outside for a clue as to who had sent it. Uncertain still, she began to struggle to remove the parcel tape. She began peeling length after length but it had been thoroughly sealed and after a couple of minutes impatience got the better of her and she went into the kitchen to fetch the scissors. Systematically she worked round the box until she could open the top. She lifted the flaps.

Inside the box was a piece of paper lying on top of  a pile of white polystyrene packing pieces.  She picked up the paper and unfolded it.
“In many ways this box could never be big enough” she read.
The note was signed only with a kiss but the handwriting was enough to help confirm her suspicions. Her submissive Boy had sent this but what present had he got her? She thrust her hands into the box sending little white cylinders tumbling over the edge onto the floor. Her hands found an edge and she grasped hold and pulled. Another box came out in her hands smaller than the first in all dimensions by four inches or so. She put it down to one side and rummaged through the packing material to make sure nothing remained. When she was convinced nothing did she picked the discarded polystyrene up from the floor and tossed it back into the open box.

Inside the box she found another piece of paper and a box full of scrumpled up newspaper. Her mouth twisted in a smile, her Boy had a sense of humour. She unfolded the piece of paper.
“What present can I give my Mistress?” was inscribed upon it signed with another kiss.
Still smiling she began to pull the newspaper out throwing it into the large empty box by her side. She continued until she held another yet smaller box in her hands.

This box was wrapped yet again in parcel tape this time completely. With a wry smile she set to work peeling it off and piling it in the original box now almost full of packing materials. After some minutes she had uncovered the cardboard box and could open its flaps. Inside she was unsurprised to find another piece of paper and something wrapped up in bubble wrap.
“Be gentle for my gift is fragile” the message told her. Gingerly she lifted the bubble wrapped parcel out and began to remove the layers. She continued until she held in her hands quite a small box only eight inches on a side. She piled the bubble wrap into another of the empty boxes and sat for a moment contemplating the mysterious box.

In another moment though she was pulling it open, still gently, unsure what she might break. She lifted the lid of the box and laughed. She laughed loudly, uncontrollably, still holding her present; for inside the box was another piece of paper and another box surrounded by yet more polystyrene pieces.
“For You Mistress” the paper simply said.

The box was tiny and for a moment she wondered whether it held jewellery or some tiny ornament. Bursting with curiosity she opened the lid. Inside was empty save for another piece of paper. With hands practically trembling with excitement she unfolded the message.

She flew to the front door and looked out. For a moment a wild fantasy of a red sports car tied with a ribbon flew through her mind but the street was empty save for the parked cars of her neighbours. She looked round again looking for anything unusual but spotted nothing. Confused and for a moment slightly disappointed she went inside and shut the door behind her.

Still puzzling she walked through the house wondering if there would be anything in the back garden. There was no access to the garden without going over the fence so she doubted she would find anything. She opened the back door and stepped outside.

There instantly she saw him. He was naked, kneeling on the lawn, head bowed, hands behind his back, her submissive Boy. She was laughing gently and yet moved to tears at the sight of him there. She took the few steps to reach him and her hands cupped his face as he tilted his head back to her.
“I am yours, Mistress” he told her, “I belong to you. You have my body, my heart and my soul.”
She gazed into his dark eyes and ran her hand softly over his face.
“You are indeed my Boy” she affirmed, “and your gift is very much treasured”.

Author: Caitlin

Geeky, kinky and poly. Discovering my Domme side. Sometimes NSFW and 18+.

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