Perpetual Passion

There was tension to start with, desire waiting to bubble over, an unspoken intention. But life is busy, the hours grow late, there are so many reasons why that desire might go unfulfilled.

Then he held me in his arms. Like a dam bursting, passion spilled out and all tiredness was forgotten. With eager kisses I found myself on my back, legs in the air, his cock poised to fill me. He checked that I was ready and then thrust forward, deeply, making me gasp.

He fucked me hard, deeply, gazing into my eyes until my emotion flooded over into tears of love. When we were breathless I thought we might have finished but as I curled on my side he took me again. We twisted into a pair of scissors, facing each other, our bodies interlocked yet barely touching.

When we paused again to open the window and let in some cooler air I rolled onto my front, expecting rest but in a moment he was behind and above me making me gasp and moan. My hand snaked under me and I rubbed my fingers into my soaking pussy as he plunged into me until I came.

Tiredness finally beginning to catch up with us we nestled close. His voice full of passion as he twisted fantasies around me as I continued to play with myself until I came again.

His passion was clearly not yet spent and I wondered briefly how long this cycle of desire could last. Still we needed sleep and I knew that orgasm would calm him. So I took my turn to feed him with fantasies and watched him stroking his cock until he, lying back as I sat above him, came in shuddering gasps of pleasure.

Finally, we lay down together and let sleep claim us.

We woke in the morning and passion flared anew as if never spent. In a too brief moment we revelled in it together before facing the day. That intensity filled my heart and fills it still.

My lover fills me with desire and pleasure and a love that does not end.

Author: Caitlin

Geeky, kinky and poly. Discovering my Domme side. Sometimes NSFW and 18+.

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