Raped, Whipped and Drowned

Mat and I went away for the weekend. Our first ever trip away together; it was memorable for many reasons but certainly having the time and space to play was certainly one of them.

We drove through the night until shortly before dawn we stopped, exhausted and decided to check into a hotel. Once in our room the tiredness was temporarily forgotten as my boy pushed his boy-cunt up at me invitingly and I was glad to claim it.

I fucked him hard until he whimpered but it was not enough for either of us. I lay back on the bed still wearing my strap-on and watched as he fucked himself on it, his hand wanking his cock, his body arched back in pleasure until he came, shaking and moaning rapturously. I took him again in the morning, twice more and left him sore before we hit the road again.

Once in a hotel at our destination we spent some time on other diversions. The paddle, the crop and the flogger all saw service as, with our music playing, I concentrated on hitting him. Spread out on the white sheets his whole body was available to me and I played the flogger over it all. When I came to his feet he lifted them up to me and I cupped my hand underneath them, steadying them as I gently stroked and whipped the soles with my pink flogger. He didn’t flinch or pull away as I held him, my willing and trusting victim.

The most memorable moment of all though was in the swimming pool. Alone together, with no lifeguard, I held him as he floated in the pool. Then holding his nose gently I pushed his head under the water. He lay still, cradled in my arms, unable to breathe until I brought him back to the surface. Several times I did this and his cock grew hard in response. He was utterly mine in that moment, offering his life and breath to me, treasured in return.

Later on we discussed our weekend, so busy and full in many ways.
“I’ve been raped, whipped and drowned” he commented.
Our eyes met, and our thoughts and smiles came together.
“A very good weekend”.

Author: Caitlin

Geeky, kinky and poly. Discovering my Domme side. Sometimes NSFW and 18+.

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