Learning The Ropes

I seem to have acquired a love of rope (for those of you struggling to equate this with my previous post I will point out that this is a love of being the rigger and not the rope bunny). I’ve literally only tied my boy up a couple of times and while I was very aware that I wasn’t doing a very good job I loved doing it and was keen to improve in future. Given this a chance to play and learn was not to be missed and Mat and I agreed to attend a local rope event.

Naturally, I was very apprehensive. Knowing how much I didn’t know, walking into a room of people and tying my boy up was a scary prospect.

Once I’d mastered my fear and walked into the venue I felt a lot better. There was a crowd of friendly faces many of whom I knew for which I was grateful.
The event started with a very basic lesson. The crew were great, making sure everyone knew what they were doing and giving helpful advice. Sitting in a group of people all simply tying and untying a simple one column tie gave me a chance to get comfortable with the rope and the environment. Mat sat patiently lending me his arm as I practised, the perfect model of patience, for which I was also grateful.
As the afternoon wore on, we learned some more techniques and there was a chance to watch other people as they worked. It felt really friendly and relaxed and my confidence grew.

Mat lay back on the floor, relaxed, while I practised my two column tie on his leg. He was lost in his own thoughts and I was lost in mine, concentrating on my work. I was startled out of my reverie as I pulled on the knot to test it.
“Oh, you’ve finished” he said in surprise, looking up.
Well that knot yes, but I continued working, enjoying the feel of the rope and the challenge of making it do what I wanted. When I had tied both his legs my bunny made a break for freedom. Hopping across the room much to everyone’s delight.

I learned a lot that afternoon and enjoyed every second. I enjoyed the social aspects, learning and practising with a group of like minded people. What I liked best however was the sensual experience itself. The feel of the rope and my boy’s skin under my hands as I worked. Losing all self-consciousness as I tied and wrapped and twisted the rope, feeling so close to my boy and lost in the pleasure of it.

I want to do that again.

Author: Caitlin

Geeky, kinky and poly. Discovering my Domme side. Sometimes NSFW and 18+.

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