The Tape

It was an audio file. her finger hovered over the button for a long moment before she pressed play.

Female: Come in.
Male: Yes Mistress.
Female: Good boy, naked already.
Get on your knees.


Now crawl over here, keep your head down.

[long pause]

Female [pleased]: Good boy.
Now put these on.
Male: Yes Mistress.
Female: Pretty, now turn around.
Wrists behind you.


Now get back on your knees and worship me.

[murmurs of female pleasure]

What a good little slut you are.
Does your wife know what a little slut you are?
Male [quietly]: No Mistress.
Female: Should I tell her?
What do you think she’d make of you, on your knees, hands cuffed, in little girl’s panties, eating my pussy?


[amused]: That’s it, look up at the camera.


Male [alarmed]: Mistress, please…
Female: Oh, yes, I like to hear you beg…Would you like to see the pictures?
Oh, you can’t hold the camera can you? Look…
Male: Oh God. Please don’t show my wife that; she’d be horrified.
Female: Well then, you’d better be a very good boy hadn’t you.
Male [defeated]:Yes Mistress.

Female: Then let’s bend you over here.

[muffled sounds of movement]

Now, little slut, it’s time to give you what you deserve.


Male: [yelp]

How many strokes do you deserve slut?
Male: Um, six?
Female: Not enough. That’s six extra.
How many?
Male [nervously]: Twelve?
Female: Eighteen extra.
How many?
Male [desperately]: Twenty four?
Female: Good boy. That’s forty two all together then.

[repeated sounds of blows and occasional male moans]

Twenty four.
Now eighteen more. If you move a muscle you know what I’ll do with those pictures don’t you?
Male: Yes Mistress.

[further blows and cries of pain]

Female: Now, you dirty little slut, I’m going to fuck your ass.
Yes Mistress.

[long pause]

Female: Suck my strap-on well, lube it up for me.

[muffled sounds of choking]

Is that all you can take in your mouth? Let’s see if your ass can take more.

Male: [yelp]
Female: That’s it. Good boy.
Male: [long groan of pleasure]
Oh God, yes, fuck me Mistress.
Female: With pleasure.

[sounds including gasps and moans of pleasure both male and female]

Male [breathless]: Thank you for fucking me.
Female [breathless]: Dirty slut.
You like being a dirty little slut don’t you?
Male: Yes Mistress. I’m your dirty little slut aren’t I?
Female: Yes you are.
My very dirty little slut.
Male: Have I been a good slut Mistress?
You won’t send my wife the photos now?


Female [coolly]: No, I won’t send her the photographs.

[end of recording]

Author: Caitlin

Geeky, kinky and poly. Discovering my Domme side. Sometimes NSFW and 18+.

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