Time Well Spent

She was naked while the woman who stood before her was fully clothed. A part of her wondered why she had done this, agreed to submit to this woman that in many ways she hardly knew. ‘It’s only for two hours’ she reassured herself but her watch lay with the neat pile of clothes in another room on the other side of the locked door.

The room was windowless but it was painted white and well lit, she wished it had been darker so she felt less exposed. Against the white the darkness of the few pieces of furniture was a stark contrast, each with attachment bolts and suddenly looking ominous. As if her fearful glances had been noticed the Domme led her to the cross against the wall and buckled her wrists and ankles in place, leaving her facing the wall, stretched in an ‘X’ and unable to see what was happening behind her.

She had expected pain but the first sensation, although sudden, was too gentle to be called pain. Whatever was being used to strike her bare bottom left a short sting and then a physical desire for more. With each stroke her tension eased, she stretched herself willingly against her cross and awaited more.
After a while the sensation changed. This one was more definitely pain but it too brought with it a desire for the sensation to be repeated. Slow and steady, she absorbed the pain and yearned for more.
With the next change of implement the pain increased. As the blows continued she began to cry out at each stroke though she had long since lost any sense of self-consciousness behind. As the intensity of the beating was steadily increased she struggled to bear each blow and was sobbing helplessly when the torment ceased.

She did not struggle as she was untied and pushed down to her knees. Through her tears she saw that her Domme now wore a strap-on and it bobbed near her face.
“Suck me” the instruction was peremptory and automatically she reached forward to take it in her mouth and suck it as though it were a real cock. After only a few seconds it was rapidly pulled away.
“Not nearly good enough girl”, she was reproved, “let’s see if we can’t get you to do better”.
The Domme strode away from her across the room.
“Stay on your knees” she warned as she left the room locking the door audibly behind her.
The woman knelt motionless suddenly aware again of the burning of her ass and wondering what new torture was being prepared for her.

The door was unlocked and her Domme returned bringing with her a naked man on a leash. His hands were cuffed behind his back and his eyes were downcast. He stood passively as the door was locked and then followed obediently as he was led to stand in front of the kneeling girl.
“Now, let’s see you try with this cock” she was told. “when I see you with cum in your mouth, then I’ll know you’re worthy to suck my cock”.
Obediently the girl leaned forward to try and pleasure the man in front of her. With her mouth and her hands she soon had him hard and concentrated on proving to her Domme that she was doing a good job.
The Domme smiled evilly as she saw her slave’s eyes close and heard him moan in pleasure at the girl’s ministrations.
“Don’t forget” she reminded him, “you don’t have permission to cum”.
He was too far gone to resist the pleasure though as the girl’s lips worked round his cock and her hand stroked up and down his shaft. With a little moan his head tipped back as his cum shot into the girl’s mouth.
“Show me” the woman standing over her demanded and she leaned back and opened her mouth to show the creamy whiteness on her tongue.
“Good girl”, the praise made her smile.
“but as for you” the Domme turned to the male standing limply next to her. She took hold of him and walked him over to the wall and fastened him to the cross as the girl had been tied earlier.
She didn’t whip him though instead she returned to the still kneeling girl and forced her strap-on into her mouth until the girl choked slightly.
“Now show me what you can do” she ordered her.
Obediently she repeated her efforts for her Domme desperately keen to please.
“Good girl”, the words brought a thrill of joy.

The woman stepped back and helped the girl to her feet. She guided her across to a nearby bench where the meekly submissive girl was bent over it and her wrists and ankles refastened.
The girl waited helpless, her body bent over unable to move. Again she expected pain but this time the sensation was cool as the Domme’s strap-on was pushed unceremoniously into her cunt. She moaned slightly as she was pounded intensely unable to resist.
“Little slut”, the voice taunted her from above, “with her legs open and wanting to fucked”.
The girl shook her head denying such a claim.
The Domme laughed “see how damp you are”, in moments the dildo was withdrawn and pressed against her lips, she opened her mouth obediently, sucking it in and tasting her own juices coating its shaft.
“Let’s see if we can give you more” came the musing voice.
She waited, heart pounding slightly, until she felt more cold this time being forced into her ass. She struggled to accept it, as the woman patiently inserted the butt plug until it was nestled in place. Next came more pain as she felt clamps being attached to her nipples. She thrashed against her bonds and moaned but there was no escape from the sensation. Slowly she calmed as she became accustomed to the dragging ache. To add to her sensations another dildo was inserted into her cunt and she dimly heard herself moan with pleasure at the intrusion. Finally a buzzing against her clit, and the pleasure intensified overriding the pain or perhaps intensified by it until she was crying out loud without restraint.
“Beg to cum little slut” the distant voice ordered and willingly she did so.
“Let me cum, please let me cum Mistress” she begged. Even as the words were uttered her body flexed and words transformed into wordless cries as the orgasm swept through her.
She sobbed helplessly as pleasure swept through her until she sagged exhausted against her bonds.

Dimly as she came to herself she was being released from her torments, gasping helplessly as each device was removed. Finally she was untied and led gently to a sofa where she was wrapped in a soft blanket. Her Domme snuggled her in her arms until she had recovered herself enough to smile up and say a shaky
“Thank you”.
Her Domme smiled and stroked her hair.
“Good girl” she told her.
She dimly wondered how long that had all taken but realised then she didn’t actually care. She was content.

Author: Caitlin

Geeky, kinky and poly. Discovering my Domme side. Sometimes NSFW and 18+.

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