Playing Puppies

There was a knock at the door. Liam opened it to reveal Rowena standing on the step looking both excited and nervous.
“Come in” he invited her warmly.
He showed her to a room where he told her to get naked. Then he showed her a narrow pink leather collar.
“This is your puppy collar” he explained, “once you’re wearing it I expect nothing but puppy behaviour”.
“Yes, Sir” Rowena agreed quietly. They were to be her last words for a while.
Liam told her to get down on all fours and when she had done so he fastened the collar around her throat.
“Your puppy name is ‘Lady'” he instructed her. Rowena nodded to show she understood.

Liam brought a lead out of his pocket and clipped it to Lady’s collar. He began to walk towards the door. When she did not follow closely enough he yanked the lead and growled “Heel” at her. She sped up attempting to stay close to her Master.

He walked her through the house without another word. He stopped and opened the door to the kitchen. Rowena’s eyes widened as she saw the other ‘puppy’ already in there. He looked up and bounded over to Liam who bent down and patted his head with one hand.
“Good boy, Prince” he praised him.
He entered the kitchen with Lady still following him on the lead.
Prince began to bound in circles around the two of them.
Liam reached up to a cupboard and grabbed a handful of doggy treats and tossed them in a bowl lying on the floor. Grabbing Prince’s collar he pushed his head down into the bowl. The puppy began to munch the food.
“Calm down there, Prince” Liam told him, “let Lady get settled in”.
While Prince munched his treats Liam removed the lead from Lady and stroked her head gently. She rubbed against him until he gently detached himself.
“I’ll leave you two to get acquainted” he said as he shut the kitchen door behind him.

Rowena looked around the room; there was the bowl of treats that Prince was munching, another of water, a large doggy bed lay in one corner and a couple of dog toys lay on the floor. She closed her eyes for a moment.

Lady moved over to the bowl of treats and attempted to shoulder Prince out of the way. He growled warningly for a moment then realised that this new puppy might be fun to play with he left the bowl to move round her sniffing with puppyish enthusiasm.
Lady delicately took one of the treats and ate it before turning to her puppy playmate in return. Then as if with a common purpose they turned to one of the toys on the floor, a knotted length of rope. Each attempted to grab one end in their mouth and a brief tug of war ensued. Lady gave up first and Prince’s head jerked back in surprise.

Lady went to drink from the water bowl. The other puppy followed her, attempting to push his head into the bowl too. Lady gave up drinking and began to playfully butt at him with her nose. Soon the two puppies were romping round the room, nuzzling and sniffing each other in playful puppy fashion.

Liam opened the door and the two of them turned and together bounded over to be petted.
“Good dogs” he praised them “I can see you two are getting on just fine”.
He left the door open and headed back into the lounge. Lady followed him and Prince followed her. Liam settled himself on the sofa. Lady attempted to climb up beside him but a sharp “No” made it clear that pets were not allowed on the furniture. While Liam watched the TV the two dogs lay on the floor at his feet.

After a while Lady got up and padded out to the kitchen, she went to the water bowl and started to drink. She stopped when she felt a warm body behind her. Prince had followed and was trying to mount her. She walked away and he followed insistently. She went to the corner and the puppy bed. Now she stayed up on all fours and made no attempt to resist his advances. Prince thrust into her and she pushed back with little puppy whimpers. He responded with eager puppy barks as he pounded into her. She moaned with pleasure as he continued, eyes closed as her new puppy playmate fucked her doggy fashion without a word.

Suddenly she felt Prince being pulled off her and Liam’s voice startled her.
“Well who’s an eager doggy, and who’s a dirty little bitch?” he laughed.
“Time for you two to go out in the garden” he told them taking a collar in each hand.
“and if I catch you at it out there, I’m spraying you both with cold water” he told them.
The two puppies exchanged glances as they crawled towards the back door.

They weren’t at all sure that threat would stop them.

Author: Caitlin

Geeky, kinky and poly. Discovering my Domme side. Sometimes NSFW and 18+.

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