Playing Again – Tied

After our puppy play at the party I wanted a nice gentle moment and this was it.

I’m a new Domme and many things are slightly intimidating to me; one of those is rope. This is a new interest for me, mainly because as a submissive I’ve never understood the appeal of it; somehow it’s quite different when I’m the one doing the tying.

I might, ironically, have discovered this fact sooner if my boy wasn’t such an avowed rope bunny. When faced with a submissive who has been suspended by experts, as a Domme whose knowledge of rope largely involved learning knots as a Girl Guide a long time ago, it’s much easier to avoid the (it feels) inevitable criticisms and simply not attempt tying him up.

So somehow as a first serious attempt to get over that barrier, I decided to do this in public, where I knew several of the people present were rope experts whose skills I had already admired shyly from afar. What was I thinking?

Well, I did cheat slightly by making sure I was in another room from most of the party, with better lighting and less audience. Still nobody, not even my boy, intervened or told me I was doing it wrong and while it may not have been stylish (I will learn to do it better in future) I soon had my boy sitting cross-legged with his hands bound behind his back and his ankles fastened together.

This was only the beginning of my game though. I blindfolded him with a nice soft scarf and proceeded to enjoy touching him. I used my hands and a variety of objects mostly softly and gently although, yes, I may have bitten his nipples just a bit.

When I’d done with touching him I untied his ankles but before releasing his wrists I stood over him and pressed my pussy into his face. Head back he licked and sucked me through my panties while I held the rope binding his wrists. This was a moment I absolutely loved; it felt sexy and very powerful. Eventually I untied his wrists too so that he could lie down and I could enjoy sitting on his face for a little longer before rejoining the main room.

Author: Caitlin

Geeky, kinky and poly. Discovering my Domme side. Sometimes NSFW and 18+.

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