You Are Well Used

A dark and dirty fantasy for my boy.

I am having a dinner party. My guests are carefully chosen, four men, four women. As they arrive you serve them drinks. You are naked, tonight you are here to be of service.

The round dinner table is laid for nine, it is glass and steel. When the food is ready I bid my guests take their places.

You take your place first. You kneel under the table and wait. The diners sit at the table and I sit with them. As I pass the dishes around you kneel before the first diner and lean forward to lick at her pussy through her panties. She pushes her chair back slightly and sighs with appreciation. You continue your ministrations; pushing the panties aside and continuing to lap between her thighs until she moans with pleasure.

When you have made her cum you turn under the table to her partner. Unzipping the man’s flies you take out his cock and put your mouth to work again.

Above the table conversation continues; food is enjoyed but glances continue downwards as we all watch you at your service. With gasping breaths the next diner cums, his spunk filling your mouth. You glance upwards for a moment, rolling the creamy whiteness around with your tongue before swallowing. I smile with approval as you turn to the next diner.

We remain at the table until each of the guests have enjoyed your attentions.

Rising from the table, I lead you out to the kitchen and serve you your well earned dinner in a bowl on the floor. You kneel down and begin to eat. I return to my guests.

When you have finished you return to us. I look up delighted to see you.

“My Good Boy” I smile, “my friends would like to see you being fucked and who am I to refuse them?”.

I order you to kneel by the coffee table and to bend over it. The girls take hold of you now, one holding each arm and leg, holding you in place. I don my strap-on and kneel by your head. I push my cock into your mouth and you suck on it obediently. I hold your head briefly until you start to gag. Moving away I position myself behind you. Taking the lube I apply it to my cock and then to your ass. You wriggle against my fingers; my slut is eager to be used. I push the dildo into you. Slowly at first then driving it home with a long thrust. The women’s hands are firm holding you in place as I continue.

“You can’t escape” I tell you, “you’re my bitch and I will use you as I please”. I pound into your boy-cunt, listening to your whimpers, your cries of pleasure, until breathless I cease my motion at last. I remain inside you for a last long moment before I withdraw. You moan, a sound of disappointment that I have ceased so soon.

I move round the table to take your head in my hands.

“You are mine, my whore, and I may use you as I please” I remind you. You look up at me with a slight look of apprehension.

I turn to the patiently waiting men “My boy, for all he is a little slut, is still a virgin.” I tell them, “no cock has ever violated that beautiful ass. Who would like to be the first?”

One man moves fastest. He takes his place behind you and unzips his flies. You look up at me, but I still hold your head and your gaze.

“You can’t escape” I soothe you, indeed the girls still hold you down “just take it like my good little bitch and show me what a good boy you are.”

Your eyes flash fire at me, “I’m your bitch” you declare proudly, “do what you want with me”.

A nod, and I watch as a freshly lubed cock pushes against you, slides into your depths. You moan helplessly as you feel its warm length inside you. Virgin no longer, your hips move in response to each thrust. My slut, you are lost in the sensations, held firm by female hands as you are used and regarded by all. Your violator throws back his head in orgasm, shooting spunk deep into your ass. He withdraws but I hold your head still, smiling my approval.

“Good boy” I assure you, “you can take this” as I watch the next man position himself ready.

You are obedient, barely struggling against our hands as each man uses you in turn. When the fourth has had his fill I stroke your head and praise you.

“I’m so proud of you. Time for a treat”, I let go finally and go into the kitchen. Returning I carry a bowl containing cheesecake. I nod to the girls and they release their grip.

“Come here”, unsteadily you do so, moving away from the table to kneel beside me. I pet your head before letting you go again so that you may eat your cake.

You bend your head to the floor, your well fucked boy-cunt in the air as you enjoy your reward.

My guests and I recline around you, sipping our drinks. We are all well satisfied.

So now a question for you, my dear readers, which of you would like to come to such a party for my Boy? Would you like to watch? Or join in?

Author: Caitlin

Geeky, kinky and poly. Discovering my Domme side. Sometimes NSFW and 18+.

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