Time To Be Ourselves

Mat and I were invited to a party. It was an invitation which would at any point have been a thrill and a delight but this one was even more special for me. It was my first opportunity to play in public as a Domme.

The party started, as all parties do in the kitchen. There were drinks, food, social chit-chat. On the surface it might have appeared utterly vanilla and yet looking around, each couple’s D/s dynamic was faintly visible, subtle but present and yet unremarkable. My initial nerves began to subside aided admittedly by a gin and tonic.

The party moved to the lounge. I sat on the sofa and Mat arranged himself at my feet. I ran my hands through his hair. I looked at him and saw him utterly relaxed, I think he saw the same in me. Like the first breath after unlacing a corset, when you draw the air down to your diaphragm and expand your lungs fully, he and I simply were.

He was my submissive boy, my bitch, for the first time in public, where our relationship needed neither explanation or concealment.

Then, a simple thing and yet very intimate, I fetched his lead and slipped it over his head as he knelt at my feet. The first time I had done so in public, the first time anyone else had seen that moment. That in itself felt very intense.

The girl next to me on the sofa admired his lead (I think every girl commented on it at some point, it is very pink) but added, “he loves wearing it”. I had to agree; Mat was more content than I had ever seen him, a contentment I shared. I had never felt so completely and confidently his Domme.

The evening was not only special for us, however. The party included a collaring ceremony. It was, of course, the first time I had witnessed such a thing. I had had some idea what to expect but was completely blown away by the sheer emotion I saw. It was an intensely romantic ceremony and I felt incredibly privileged and honoured to have been witness to such a loving moment.

The evening continued as couples began to play. I felt unprepared to be observed but was happy to watch the activities around me, noting similarities and differences in play. The atmosphere was relaxed and accepting, intimate and warm.

Eventually I felt ready to quietly pull my boy onto the sofa and simply put him over my knee and spank him. I was still aware of people around me, afraid that I was being observed and criticised, but I focused my attention where it was needed, on Mat. His reactions, his pleasure, watching him lost in what we were doing, reassured my insecurities somewhat. This was us playing, our way.

I can’t begin to describe the intensity, the emotion that flowed all evening and I’m not even going to try to describe everything that happened; it was simply a wonderful party with wonderful people. We stayed up all night, never bored, never tired, enjoying the freedom and the atmosphere.

It was a delight simply to be ourselves.

Author: Caitlin

Geeky, kinky and poly. Discovering my Domme side. Sometimes NSFW and 18+.

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