Making Him Cum

One of the first things Mat gave me was control over his orgasms. Since then he has asked me for permission every time, and only once have I had the need to punish him for cumming without permission.

In that time though, when he has asked to cum, I’ve been very likely to say yes.

Recently though, I decided to experiment with it more. To push for a little more denial and a lot more tease. I’m not currently keen to push it too far though. I know he would go without orgasm for weeks if I so decreed. Ironically though that would become easier for him over time and so less fun for both of us.

Still I’ve started making a deliberate attempt to limit his orgasms. I’ve never set a known deadline for him, I don’t want to hem myself in with restrictions. When he cums, whether he cums, depends on my feelings in the moment and he can never be sure which way they’ll go.

I do love making him hard, turning him on, enjoying how wanton he is like that. So for a few days now we’ve been playing, I’ve been teasing but he has not been permitted to cum. Tie a rope around the base of his cock and he’s suddenly rock hard. What fun to sleep like that, holding the end of the rope, able to tug, just a little, whenever I please. Sometimes I’ve been wanking his cock, letting him watch but never getting him too close to the edge.

Of course, that particular game is easier because he doesn’t tend to cum unless he’s the one touching his cock. He told me a long time ago I wouldn’t be able to make him cum but I do seem to take a delight in letting his body surprise him with just what it will do with me.

We were going to sleep, so I tied a rope around his ankles and held the end, then I took a loop in the middle and twisted it round the base of his cock letting the end pull through between his ass cheeks to where I could hold and tug it.
His cock got hard and as I tugged gently he made little moaning sounds of desire. He was clearly so turned on that a little more teasing would be fun. I curled up behind him the rope in one hand and his cock in the other. My arm over his hip I settled into wanking him slowly, a gentle, smooth, teasing rhythm. Every so often a tiny whimper would tell me exactly how good it felt. I knew I could stop at any moment, leave him with an erection and a sense of frustration and go to sleep; still he was making wonderful noises.
Then suddenly his body flexed. “I’m going to cum” he warned me. I could still have stopped of course, I think he was convinced I would.
Still I could tell this orgasm would be intense, I had control of his body and was going to enjoy making him lose his. This orgasm was mine to give.
He rolled onto his back as my hand continued its slow rhythm and his body bucked again and again. Little noises escaped his throat as his body throbbed in orgasm and when it subsided he lay shuddering and shaken and utterly mine.

His orgasms are mine to withhold but they are also mine to give and it is my intense pleasure to do so.

Author: Caitlin

Geeky, kinky and poly. Discovering my Domme side. Sometimes NSFW and 18+.

2 thoughts on “Making Him Cum”

    1. In all honesty the result wasn’t something I could have planned for. But the teasing and playing is a delight in itself. Let me know how you get on.

      Caitlin x

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