Being Submissive

My submissive side has been largely internal recently. Perrin and I have continued to struggle to give our D/s expression. I realised recently that I needed to make a deliberate attempt to express my submission even if I don’t always feel it as fully as I would like.

Rather than waiting for Perrin to express his dominance and then fighting it because I’m not expecting it; I needed to offer my submission to him in a way that was not demanding and be patient. As a simple step I decided to make an effort to call Perrin ‘Sir’ occasionally to remind us both that I am his girl still.

We had gone out for the evening, a social event but a formal one. One where the ladies were served before the gentlemen and wine glasses were topped up without asking. In a slightly alcoholic haze therefore, we made our way out into the night, my arm in his, happily together. I know I called him ‘Sir’, in a moment of conversation, then suddenly for no real reason he was threatening to spank me on the tube train. His eyes alight with the image, mine with the delight of seeing my Dom, in that moment I would happily have let him do so if he had insisted.

Waking up with him at the weekend, I reached for my Dom and asked for that spanking.
I lay on my front on the bed and Perrin began spanking me. Once he settled into a nice slow gentle rhythm I lay still concentrating on the sensation. His hand forced my thighs apart. I struggled to cope as his fingers began working against my clit the added sensation a difficult distraction. Eventually though I relaxed back into the rhythm. Suddenly I realised how turned on I was. My hips tightened as his fingers moved, his other hand spanking in a steady rhythm. I wanted more, and more. I cried out as orgasm struck and waves of pleasure washed over me. Immediately followed by pain, as the soreness in my bottom came into sudden relief.
He turned me over then. His cock entering me swiftly. I spread my legs and threw back my head and let him take his girl, lost in the pleasure of being his.
When he came inside me, I lay breathless, happy, satisfied and submissive.

Thank you, Sir.

Author: Caitlin

Geeky, kinky and poly. Discovering my Domme side. Sometimes NSFW and 18+.

8 thoughts on “Being Submissive”

  1. This was very thought-provoking and sexy. We are outsiders, essentially, when it comes to the D/s dynamic; though I (Jack) am more dominant than I am submissive and Jill vice-versa, it’s not something with which we have much experience. This was an enlightening read.

    1. I’m glad that I made some sense. For me the D/s is about the feelings rather than the physical. I need that intensity, I crave it. Currently it requires a conscious effort for it to work but the results are worth it.

      Caitlin x

  2. Well done, my little one.
    You have, in your gentle submission, both blown on the embers, and added fuel to the fire.

    We should have known really, D/s has to be led by submission. Dominance, without submission first is abuse. No wonder it didn’t feel right!

    Thank you.

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