A simple, romantic sexual fantasy.

They lie together, naked, in bed. She watches eagerly as he kneels up beside her.
“Get a handful of lube” he tells her.
She reaches over and squeezes some into her palm. Without further direction she takes her hand and runs it over his cock. She enjoys the feel of his smooth hardness as she ensures that he is slippery all over. Her palm rolls over the head of his penis in a gentle motion, he is ready for her.

She lies back with a smile. Looking up at him as he grasps her thighs and pulls her into position. Gently he lifts her legs, positioning them over his shoulders.

“Keep your eyes on me” he says.
Her eyes widen as he plunges swiftly into her. She tilts her head back slightly, still gazing at him as he begins to pound against her. She gasps with every thrust. His eyes are fixed on her face watching every reaction. She feels as though he can see into her soul.

She feels an intense pleasure spreading through her as his cock reaches deeper inside her. A blissful glow, a warmth matched by the cooling of the juices squirting from her pussy, running over her skin and down onto the sheets.

The sensation becomes timeless, she is only a place for the pleasure to exist. She basks in the internal glow, she sees her lover’s face above her, the universe shrunk to a single moment.

Their eyes still fixed on one another, their bodies locked together. They are connected.

Author: Caitlin

Geeky, kinky and poly. Discovering my Domme side. Sometimes NSFW and 18+.

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