Who Needs A Challenge

Let’s be clear, I don’t read Cosmopolitan any more. I realised a long time ago that anyone who seriously used Cosmo as a guide to life or, worse still, to their sex life was likely to end up extremely unhappy.
However Deviantly Romantic’s post on their 31 day challenge caught my imagination. So here are my views on the challenges they picked out plus a couple of others.

Challenge 1: Slip a doughnut around his penis, and slowly eat it off.

Yes, sure I could do this. On the other hand Mat did (accidentally) post on Twitter  that he wanted to get messy with cake with Perrin, so I think on this one I’ll just sit back and watch…

Challenge 11: Do a Dirty 360. Get into girl-on-top, and spin all the way around without pulling away.

Done that. Purely because I was curious if it was possible (it was) but it wasn’t really erotic for either partner. I used to do ’round the world’ on horseback too which is equally sexy (or indeed not).

Challenge 15: Take off all his clothes…using only your mouth. (You can undo his fly with your fingers.

I’m pretty sure we’re assuming here that he doesn’t have buttons on his shirt or, come to think of it, smelly feet. In general this sounds like a good way to end up in a mostly dressed fit of giggles but not a great way to end up wanting sex.

Challenge 17: When he’s not expecting it, grab him, and kiss him passionately for a full minute. A lot of couples only kiss hello and goodbye or when they’re lying down, so this will surprise him and turn him on.

Kissing is good, long passionate kisses are good, but as a challenge? Hang on, I need to look at my watch, has it been a minute yet…?

Challenge 26: Pose naked, and sketch each other.

Well nobody around here is shy about skin so getting people to pose wouldn’t be a problem. I did a life drawing class as part of a hen night and really enjoyed it. Nobody else has ever drawn me naked though and having seen Mat’s attempt to draw me clothed the results might be humorous rather than artistic. I have sketched myself naked though which I’m  secretly quite proud of.

In summary though, I’ve done some variant of most of them. Many are just downright silly, others would become silly as soon as they became a challenge rather than a spontaneous sex act.

Conclusion: Cosmopolitan’s sex advice is still as ridiculous as ever. I think I’ll stick to what comes naturally.

Author: Caitlin

Geeky, kinky and poly. Discovering my Domme side. Sometimes NSFW and 18+.

4 thoughts on “Who Needs A Challenge”

    1. Given that ours was a hen night you might think it would all be giggles and innuendo. While it was fun, actually everybody really worked at their drawings. The teacher was brilliant, he really helped everybody improve.
      On the other hand, the model was very brave. And fit, really fit, did I mention that bit? 😉

      Caitlin x

  1. Caitlin, I was very amused – and in total agreement with you – on this post. So much so, that I ended up writing my own! Hope you don’t mind my stealing! :o) I found your blog – and Mats – on the same day and it took me until the post with the Dr. Pepper boxer shorts to realize they were connected! I also follow Perrin’s blog. I enjoy the interplay between them.

    1. I’m very happy for you to ‘steal’ this idea. The more the merrier on this one.
      I’m glad you’ve enjoyed reading all our blogs. We each have our own perspective and enjoy sharing our adventures in our own ways but the crossovers are always fun for us as well.
      I’ll certainly be reading your blog too.

      Caitlin xx

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