His Just Deserts

I love giving my boy tasks while I am away from him. I enjoy knowing that I am controlling what he is doing, that even when I am not there he is still mine to use in whatever way I please.

I wanted to brighten his day with a task or so. So I started by simply telling him to ask me when he wanted a snack. Of course I had some ideas about what would happen when he did ask but there was no need to let him know that yet.

Then I received a message from him.
“About to have a doughnut with my tea”
I was disappointed, that he had not made a request but a statement. I chose merely to clarify my instruction without giving him anything more interesting to do.

His reply showed understanding of his failure to comply with my original order and so I was somewhat mollified. Still I determined to make his eventual task a little more arduous than it would otherwise have been.

A little later he dutifully asked for my permission to eat lunch which I immediately granted. Now I proceeded to lay out my requirements for his dessert.

He was to get himself a bowlful of coconut yoghurt which I know he really enjoys. Naturally he was not simply to eat it as normal and of course he was to send pictures for me to enjoy.

First of all he was to strip naked. Then he was instructed to wank over the bowl until he came in it.

When he had thus added sauce to his pudding he was to place the bowl on the floor and eat from it. On his knees, without benefit of hands or cutlery, getting as messy as necessary.

Meanwhile, from far away, I sat back and enjoyed the thought of what was transpiring, the pictures that I was dutifully sent and of course my sharing them here with you all.

Author: Caitlin

Geeky, kinky and poly. Discovering my Domme side. Sometimes NSFW and 18+.

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