Wake Up

This is a story I started writing a while ago. Recent events gave me fresh impetus to finish it.

The duvet was pulled back swiftly. In sleep, he felt a rush of cool air, and then the warm weight of her as she straddled his body.
Her hand slapped his cheek roughly.
“Wake up” she commanded.
Her hands grasped his wrists. Pinning them down, before he could awaken enough to respond.
He opened his eyes and looked at her, resenting the disturbance.
“Wake up slut” she taunted him, moving his hands above his head, “I want to use you now”.

Sleepily he tried to focus as her body moved above him, her weight shifting as she stretched herself out over him. Her mouth came down on his and she kissed him deeply.
“Time to please me, my little fuck-toy” she purred.
Her hips shifted against his rapidly hardening cock. He was hers and he knew it, his body responding obediently to her demands.
Her head bent now to his chest. She sucked at his nipple until it was erect then her teeth tightened over it. He whimpered, a little mewling cry, as the pain lanced through him. She smiled as she lifted her head and bent it again to his other nipple. Again pain shot through him until he moaned softly and she relaxed her bite.

Raising her hips now she lifted herself, and his erection lifted too, she lowered herself onto it. Slowly, so slowly, enjoying every second as it slid inside her.

Seated now she began to rock back and forward in time to her own internal rhythm. She began to gasp and moan at the pleasure coursing through her as she rode his hard cock. Her hands gripped his wrists still, pinning them above his head. He lay still, a willing offering to her lust, while she pleasured herself with him. Her breathing grew more rapid and her moans more urgent as she drove towards her own climax. His eyes were closed now, his head back, his arms relaxed in her hands, he was hers.
She released his wrists to grasp at his hair, pulling at it, urging his head further back, as she slammed into him. Her other hand sought her clit and stayed there, fingers moving frantically. Again and again she drove herself down the length of his cock until with a shuddering cry she released her grip, threw her head back and came to a sudden halt.

Breathing unsteadily she looked down and smiled at the boy lying beneath her.
“Good little boy” she told him, “now get up and make me coffee”.

Author: Caitlin

Geeky, kinky and poly. Discovering my Domme side. Sometimes NSFW and 18+.

8 thoughts on “Wake Up”

  1. And I shall take a cup as well please! Black!

    Well… that was a fun tease read!!! And it is always fun to wake a man up in the middle of his beauty sleep. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Your writing never ceases to give me chills of pleasure. Delicious phrasing and choice of words.

    Some many passages “moved” me.

    Let me just say this was f***king hot! -H

    (I’m terribly aroused now)

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