New Boy At School

Paul was both nervous and excited when he woke up. Never had the mere process of getting up, washing and getting dressed seemed so important. He looked at himself in the mirror as he brushed his short dark hair, he thought he looked smart enough for his first day. Still his hands were shaking as he tied his new tie. He was still nervous as he left the house.

When he arrived at school he was escorted to Miss Thompson, the headmistress’ office.
She was in her late fifties, a tall but solidly curl woman with permed grey hair and slightly old-fashioned glasses. She looked at him seriously over her spectacles.

“Paul, I’m delighted to see you are here punctually, I have great hopes that you will fit in well in our school. Now off you go to your classroom.”

Paul breathed a sigh of relief and leaving the office walked down the corridor towards the classrooms. He looked carefully at each door he passed until reading the name on one door he pushed it open and entered the classroom.

“Good morning class” he said brightly “I am Mr Evans, your new teacher”.

By break time he was exhausted and glad to escape to the staff room. As he opened the door the half-dozen occupants of the room, all female of course, looked round at him. They ranged in age from the middle-aged headmistress to a young brunette only a couple of years older than himself who, he thought, gave him a welcoming smile. He entered the room suddenly self-conscious.

“Ah, the new boy” the headmistress smiled, “just in time to make the tea”. She gestured to one side of the room where a kettle and associated paraphernalia lay.

“tea, white one sugar” she requested.
“black coffee for me” another added.
Each lady quickly added her order to the list. Paul obediently went over to the table, desperately trying to keep each request straight in his head as he assembled the drinks. One by one he passed the hot mugs to the ladies, receiving an appreciative smile and a thank you from each one. Lastly he passed the headmistress her cup and turned back to the table to make a drink for himself.

“What’s this?” the exclamation from behind him caused him to turn around rapidly. Miss Thompson was looking at him with displeasure.
“This is tea! I asked for coffee. This is simply not good enough” she raged. Paul stammered an apology.
“Bend over” Miss Thompson’s voice was firm. Paul looked at her startled.
“Bend over” she repeated harshly and striding over to him placed her hands on his back and pushed until he was bent over the tea table.
“Now drop your trousers” she insisted.

Paul was astounded but already suspected that disobedience was not an option so he unfastened his trousers and let them fall down to his thighs leaving only his blue and white stripy boxer shorts to cover his bottom.
“Those can go too”, the headmistress said briskly and he felt a hand at the waistband yanking them down to his thighs leaving his bottom exposed to the entire room.
“Now lets see if we can encourage you to pay better attention in future” she mused.

Paul yelped and jerked as her hand came down hard on his bare bottom. Quickly that was followed by another blow, and then another. Each stroke resounded loudly through the room as Paul resolutely stayed silent after his initial outburst. After six energetically delivered blows the headmistress stopped; regarding the reddened backside before her with satisfaction. Before Paul had finished breathing a sigh of relief she had turned to the assembled teachers and asked if any of them would like to participate in Paul’s correction. Each lady in turn stepped up to the table and each delivered him a half-dozen spanks although none with the headmistress’ intensity. Finally the youngest of the teachers took her turn. Paul had expected the most gentleness from her but she laid into him vigorously, so much so that he glimpsed her rubbing her hand as she walked back to her seat. That was little consolation to Paul. His bottom was on fire and his face barely less so as Miss Thompson let him rise and indicated that he may refasten his trousers. He turned round, humiliated, to face the room as the silence was shattered by the sound of the bell indicating the end of break time. In relief he fled back to his classroom.

His thoughts throughout the rest of the morning were distracted by his recollections of his chastisement in the staff room. Luckily he had been posted to supervise the children at lunch time and so was able to eat his lunch in solitary contemplation. At afternoon break he braved the staff room again. He was unsurprised to be greeted by requests for drinks but to his relief the headmistress was absent and he fulfilled his orders satisfactorily. Just before the end of break time though her head appeared around the door. She smiled as she saw him.

“Ah, Paul” she beamed, “I would like to see you in my office after school please”.
“Yes, Miss Thompson”, what else was there to say.

Paul never knew how he got through the last hour of that school day. His mind constantly distracted by thoughts of what his summoning to the headmistress’ office might mean.

At last the final bell sounded. He dismissed his class and watched them pour out into the corridor laughing and chattering with a sense of impending doom. After a couple of deep breaths he set off down the corridor himself and knocked on the headmistress’ door with an unsettled feeling in his stomach. When he heard her bid him to enter he did so nervously. She was sitting at her desk writing and he went and stood in front of her nervously.

“Now Paul” she began gently. “you know I think discipline is important in a school and I expect you to cooperate with me entirely. After all there aren’t that many jobs for fresh graduates certainly not in a prestigious school like this one”. She stated his position quite bluntly.
“Yes, Miss Thompson” politeness, Paul figured, was his best hope of retaining any semblance of dignity.
“I want to show you something” she went on going to a tall cupboard on one side of the room. Opening it she drew out a cane and brandished it at him threateningly.

“If I call you to my office to punish you, this is what I will be using on you and I assure you it will not be gentle. For now I will give you only a taster”.
Paul’s face froze but to his consternation his body reacted independently.
“Drop your trousers please” she asked calmly, “and yes, that does mean I want you bare”.
Paul’s face flushed with embarrassment and he wished the floor would swallow him up.

Reluctantly he fumbled with the button at his waist. Unable to meet Miss Thompson’s eyes he pushed down his trousers and boxer shorts revealing his burgeoning erection. The headmistress made no comment as she indicated him to bend over and moved to stand behind him. He leaned forwards and put his hands on the desk to steady himself.

One stinging stroke landed across Paul’s bottom and he jerked slightly but mostly repressed the yelp of pain.
“Stand up”, he obeyed swiftly relieved his ordeal was so simply over. His hands began to move to his thighs to retrieve his underwear but before he could cover himself Miss Thompson had come to stand beside him.
“What’s this?” she asked reaching out a hand to grasp his still erect penis. “Do you like working for me then Paul?” she stroked his cock with her hand causing it to swell further.
“Yes, Miss Thompson” Paul barely managed to whisper. The headmistress smiled with intent.

“While you work here Paul” she purred “I expect you to be entirely under my direction” her hand continued to caress his cock and balls which tightened in her hand. “You will use this only as I say you may, when I say you may. I hope that is quite clear to you?” Paul nodded obediently, his voice now lost to him completely.

“Good boy” she praised him. “Now I want you to wank for me. Make yourself cum, I want to watch”
“But I can’t, I never…” Paul stammered incoherently.
“Never wanked?” she asked amused, “oh I’m sure you have” she paused for a moment to watch his discomfiture, “oh, you mean you’ve never been watched” she continued with mock surprise, “well get used to it boy, from now on you’ll have an audience. Today it’s just me, but another day…” she trailed off suggestively.
“Now get on with it” she insisted sharply.

Blushing furiously, Paul closed his eyes and began to work his hand on his cock. Even with his eyes closed he was aware of his underwear around his thighs and the eyes of the headmistress on him. His hand worked with increasing rapidity, and to his shame, in moments he found himself bending forwards, spurting cum over the polished surface of the desk.

He opened his eyes and regarded the desk intently; unable to look up at the woman sitting opposite him with, he suspected, a catlike grin upon her face.
“Now lick it up” the order was sharp, “I won’t have you leaving a mess on my desk. Lick it up, every drop”.

Obediently Paul bent forward. His mouth twisted with distaste at the rapidly cooling bitter liquid but he did not dare to disobey now. His tongue lapped at the desk, and he swallowed each drop of semen with a pounding heart.

When it was clean, he stood upright again, eyes now fixed on the floor, afraid even to move.
“Good boy” Miss Thompson sounded pleased, “now do up your trousers and go home. I will see you tomorrow at assembly.”
Paul managed to briefly raise his eyes to hers at last.
“Yes, Miss Thompson” he replied and quickly grabbing for his dignity and his clothes he left her office at a run.


Continued in: Coffee With A Colleague

Author: Caitlin

Geeky, kinky and poly. Discovering my Domme side. Sometimes NSFW and 18+.

8 thoughts on “New Boy At School”

  1. Well…. this was a surprising wake up here at the UCTMW World HQ. Jobs are hard to get these days, and one has to be prepared for challenging working conditions.


  2. Would it be awfully bratty to point out that actually, Paul was right, Miss Thompson did ask for tea and not coffee as she later asserted.
    You see, there’s a reason people get me to proof-read stuff 🙂

    But wow, what a hot story xxx xxx

    1. I wondered if anybody would notice that. 🙂
      Yes, you, I and Miss Thompson all know Paul was actually doing the right thing. Only Paul doesn’t realise yet (if I write the next installment he will).

      Caitlin xxx

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