Pick Me Up

I’m in the bar, alone. I have a glass of wine which I am sipping. The room is full of beautiful women, no men are allowed here. I’m not sure why I am here; looking for something perhaps.

A woman comes to the bar beside me, she orders a gin and tonic. I’m gazing at her as I nurse my drink. Her hair is dark and short, I wonder how it would feel to run my fingers through it.
Soon my wine will be finished and I will leave.
She turns to me, “You were watching me” she says. The words are a challenge, yet not entirely disapproving.
She sits beside me, talks to me; before I know it we are kissing, soft girlish kisses which leave me wanting more.
She buys me another drink, and asks me about myself. She is sexy, confident and fascinating. I find myself pouring out my heart to her, unafraid. Revealing my thoughts, some new, even to myself.
She puts her now empty glass down with a slight flourish.
“Come back to my place for coffee?”; it is not entirely a question.

She unlocks the door to her apartment and ushers me inside. I feel a nervous excitement in the pit of my stomach as I enter. The room is neat and homely.
She tells me to sit on the sofa and comes to sit beside me. She kisses me, more forcefully now and I feel myself melting inside.
She begins to remove my clothes. I revel in the feel of her hands, so soft as they brush over my newly revealed breasts. Her hands pause in their gentle motions as she grasps my nipples. I gasp softly. She squeezes harder, and I moan slightly, but do not pull away.
She steps back from me for a moment to remove her own clothes.
“You’re beautiful” I tell her, and she smiles with appreciation.
She moves back to me now, her hands push me down to lie on the sofa. She pushes my thighs apart and positions herself between them. Her tongue laps at my pussy, gently circling my clit. I’m lost in the pleasure of the moment, with no sense of time.
Suddenly her fingers tweak my nipples again.
“Your turn” she declares suddenly, “get on the floor and show me what you’ve learned”.
I kneel unsteadily in front of her, as she positions herself on the sofa. I lower my head and seek to emulate her attentions. I am gratified to hear her moan gently. Little noises very similar I realise to the ones I had just been making.
“I want to fuck you now” she says.
I’m not entirely sure what she means, but I hear myself say “yes” anyway.

She gets up, leaving me kneeling on the floor. Turning away she fastens a harness around her hips. As she turns round towards me I see the phallus she now wears, bobbing slightly as she moves.
“Suck my cock” she smiles, and I lean forward to take the dildo into my mouth, licking and sucking at it as if it was truly hers. I feel a thrill go through me, as I strive to serve.
She pats my head, “good girl” she purrs. I am delighted at the praise.

She helps me up now and arranges me on the sofa. She leans over me to kiss me, and I feel the strap on pressing against me, with implacable firmness.
Her fingers are rubbing my clit, and naturally my thighs part. She is between them now, and I feel her cock pushing into me.
As she slides it all the way home I gasp softly. She leans over me, her breasts pressing against mine as she works her hips against me. I reach my hand up to tangle it in her soft short hair and tilt my head back to kiss her deeply.
She pounds into me strongly; her breath coming faster with every stroke. I am lost in the feel of her body so soft and smooth against mine and the hardness filling me, moving in her own rhythm. I feel my body start to tremble and I am crying out in astonished pleasure as she takes me. Her own pleasure it seems is not far behind and my cunt is stretched as she pushes every last inch into me as her back arches in release.

She gets up quickly. The strap-on she wears is shiny now, damp with my juices. She helps me up from the sofa and finds my clothes for me, discarded where she had let them fall. I dress quickly, uncertain of myself suddenly and she shows me to the door.
In the doorway she slips her arms around me, grabbing my hair and forcing my head back slightly for a lingering kiss. I surrender to it eagerly, feeling the softness of her lips and the curve of her body against mine.
In a moment though it is over and I am on the other side of the doorway. She smiles at me a beautiful captivating smile.
“Perhaps I’ll see you in that bar again” she muses as she closes the door.
As I wander slightly dazed away from her door I’m very much hoping that she will.

Author: Caitlin

Geeky, kinky and poly. Discovering my Domme side. Sometimes NSFW and 18+.

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