Whipping And Being Whipped

It was a quiet evening. There were no plans for kink, there were no plans of any kind. We sat around, Perrin, Mat and I, drinking and eating nibbles, laughing and chatting.

Sooner or later though Mat was cheeky (I mean that’s basically a given, right) and I laughingly asked Perrin to find something for me to whip him with. He found a heavy webbing strap, which he thoughtfully removed the buckle end from before giving it to me.

I had Mat stand up, his hands against the beam in the ceiling and I pulled his top over his head and his trousers down. He noticed the finger marks on the wall; he wasn’t the first person to be whipped there. I looked at Perrin, well aware of the risk I was running and happy to run it.

I doubled the strap in my hand and began gently. Mat wriggled his bottom at me in response, he wanted more than that. I began to up the pace a little, still experimenting with the feel of the new toy. As I worked I lost myself in the rhythm, in the swing of my arm, the sound of the strap falling, and the reddening of Mat’s cheeks. I was aware only of the moment, of Mat and myself, of what we were doing together. Mat was silent and still, my brave boy as always, taking all the love I could pour into that moment.

Perrin brought me back to the present. Urging me to inspect the marks blossoming on Mat’s thighs. Beautiful marks, each one born of love and borne in love. I held my boy then and he held me. Another timeless moment.

When I stepped back Perrin indicated that it was my turn to be whipped. I had suspected this might be coming. I stripped quickly, eagerly even and stood in position. I felt utterly calm, sliding effortlessly from Domme to sub, offering myself in my turn.

Perrin was more measured than I, testing the length of the strap against me before starting, to ensure he could wrap it around to my nipples. He got each one in its turn, before concentrating on my bottom. I wriggled and gasped with each stroke; twisting my body but holding my position. I would take whatever he wanted to give in that moment; offering my love and my submission to him.
Mat came and kissed me. His body pressed warmly against me, while the whipping continued. Pleasure and pain in perfect harmony.

Perrin stepped away and slipping the buckle end back on the strap fastened it around Mat and I. My Dom, binding me to my boy.

In that moment I felt balanced, loved and complete.

Author: Caitlin

Geeky, kinky and poly. Discovering my Domme side. Sometimes NSFW and 18+.

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