TMI Tuesday – 13 September 2011

This weeks topic is dating.

1. You’re on a speed date. You’ve got 7 minutes with the potential partner. You already know the person’s name. What are the first three questions you would ask?
I have absolutely no idea. I’d be useless at having a conversation under such time pressure. I guess speed dating isn’t for me.

2. Have you ever participated in speed dating? Did you get a regular date/second date out of it?
No. Never done it, see above.

3. Do you participate in online dating? How many dates have you had as a result of online dating sites/matches?
Never done this either.

4. You are attracted to:
a. Who people are?
b. What people have?
c. What they can do?
It’s what is inside a person that’s important. A nice smile always gets my attention, but isn’t enough to keep it.

5. What “little red flag” will cause you to end a date or immediately decide this person isn’t for you?
Boredom. If someone is dull or stupid then we’re not going to make it to a second date.

6. What do you feel you need to sacrifice or have sacrificed to be a part of a relationship?
I don’t think I’ve ever thought that I’ve sacrificed anything for a relationship. I’ve compromised, yes, but if it feels like ‘making a sacrifice’ then you’re not getting a fair payoff in exchange.

7. If you cooked for your date, what would you cook?
Depends on what I thought they would like and how much notice I had. I can do three course dinner or casual supper as required.

8. At the end of a first date, how would you kiss your date?
a. Press your lips against theirs
b. Gentle kiss on the cheek
c. Lots o’ tongue, like you’re on a tonsil exploration
d. I don’t kiss on the first date
It depends how well the date has gone. Could be any of the above.

Bonus:  You just put up a profile on a dating site. You must describe yourself in 10 words or less. What are your 10 words?
Geeky, kinky and poly. Find the rest out for yourself.

Author: Caitlin

Geeky, kinky and poly. Discovering my Domme side. Sometimes NSFW and 18+.

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