In The Night With My Boy

He’s lying there, in the dark, on his side. The curve of his ass so soft and appealing. I move closer behind him, nestling my body so that our hips meet. My hand reaches down to feel the smoothness of his bottom; sliding a finger between his cheeks to feel his ass tighten in response. My boy is ready to be fucked and I need to fuck him.

I get up now and reach for my harness and my cock, the smaller one, so easy to slide inside him. I fasten it on, adjusting the straps so that they sit comfortably. I run my hand over the length of my cock feeling it’s weight and resistance. I grab the lube and arrange the pillows to put my hips in the right place.

A smear of lube on my fingers I feel his boy cunt, sliding my fingers gently inside him. His bottom pushes back in response my boy wants more.
Lube on my cock now I lie down behind him. Easing it into place with my hands; little by little until it sits safely in his cunt. I move my body now pushing it the last little way with my hips. Our bodies so close now, joined together.

He is mine now, his body an extension of my own. I grasp his hair in my fist and pound his cunt. My hips rock rapidly, the base of the strap-on pressed back against my pussy bone in the same rhythm. The straps rubbing against me. I am barely breathing; the physical pleasure overwhelms me. The feel of his back against my chest, his hair in my hand.

I run my other hand over the smoothness of his chest, made so for me. He is mine to enjoy, his body given up in this moment for my pleasure. My hand at his throat now, his head tilted back. This is possession. This is pleasure.

Eventually, starved of air, I pant for breath, my body still, inside him, holding him. My pussy is damp with desire. I am on the edge of cumming, but still infinitely far away. I lie there midway between desire and satisfaction.

I love fucking my boy.

Author: Caitlin

Geeky, kinky and poly. Discovering my Domme side. Sometimes NSFW and 18+.

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