Knowing What I Need

You might think knowing what you need is easy, but sometimes it takes someone else to help you.

I was upset. Emotional and irrational but with no real idea why. In a moment with my boy I ended up cuddled close to him.
“What do you need?” he asked me.
“I don’t know” was my honest answer.

He sat up then and looked at me squarely.
“You need Perrin to spank you”, he told me.
Once he’d said it, I heard the truth of it, but I was still hesitant.
“You’re going to go and ask him to spank you”, he continued, “or I’ll ask him for you”.

I could tell by his tone of voice that he wasn’t bluffing. This was one of those things that I could tell seemed so simple to him and he wasn’t about to let me complicate it. A part of my mind wondered if I should exert my dominance at this point and forbid him to get involved but I had a strong sense that he’d defy me anyway and, I strongly suspected, take any punishment I later dished out with the infuriating smugness of someone who knows that they’ve been proved right.

Because he was right of course, we both knew that.

I gave in gracefully. Mat led me by the hand to Perrin and left me alone with him with a look that let me know what he expected me to do. Perrin looked on puzzled by our by-play.

I sat down beside him and took a deep breath.
“I need you to spank me”, I admitted through gritted teeth, “Would you please?”

Such a hard thing to say; even now, so very hard to admit to.

In moments I was naked, kneeling before him. This was a simple spanking, his hand on my bottom, nothing fancy needed. It went on for an unmeasurable time, it might have been hours or merely seconds, although the bruises on my bottom suggest it went on for a while. I wriggled and squirmed; ending up stretched out before him but never trying to escape. I cried and sobbed; from pain, from a sense of release and from gratitude that someone knew me well enough to make sure I got what I needed when I didn’t know myself.

When Perrin had finished I curled up close to him. His hand found my pussy then. I was wet, aroused by the spanking. A reaction I could neither hide nor deny. His fingers squelched inside me, spreading my dampness. He played with me then until I came; another release, no less needed. Then he fucked me, my Dom, taking me for his pleasure and letting me know I was his.
Finally I snuggled in his arms, at peace with the world and myself.

So what do I need?
I need what I have, two men who love and understand me and who give me everything I need.

Author: Caitlin

Geeky, kinky and poly. Discovering my Domme side. Sometimes NSFW and 18+.

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