Finding a Submissive Position

Sometimes life gets in the way. A variety of things have been preventing any attempt at play with Perrin recently and I had put all such thoughts out of my head for a while.
We have just been away for a few days camping. That in itself was just another thing that kept us busy of course.

So there I was, in an almost empty tent, packing up the bed rolls. I was kneeling on one end of one, and I leaned forward to squash a little more air out of it, concentrating entirely on the task in hand.

Suddenly I was aware of my body, kneeling, head bowed to the floor, arms stretched out in front of me and I felt a rush of submission. A simple sense of need to be in such a pose before my Dom, to let him use me as he saw fit. My body exposed, available to him for pleasure or pain. Simply his.
I stayed motionless for a moment, lost in the feeling. Surprised by my own sudden reaction to the physical position I was in.
Enjoying the moment of fantasy.

Then of course I sat up and got on with striking camp.

Author: Caitlin

Geeky, kinky and poly. Discovering my Domme side. Sometimes NSFW and 18+.

4 thoughts on “Finding a Submissive Position”

  1. Just like planetary alignments, the chances of a strong need, opportunity and the right person there to seize that need; all coming together at one time and place, can take a long while to occur. But it’s usually worth the wait.

    (Now, aren’t you impressed that I got through that whole deep and meaningful thought without once mentioning Uranus?)

    Oh bugger.
    sev xxx

    1. It may well be worth the wait in the end, but in the meantime it’s a bit sad just looking up at the sky.

      Thank you for making me smile about it though.

      Caitlin xxx

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