Five A Day – Back to the Supermarket

After the recent incident of the boy and the banana it was inevitable that other fruits or vegetables would eventually follow…


It started with a trip to a well known supermarket, to stock Mat up with groceries.
Over coffee (it was a very civilised shopping trip) we laughed over the helpful suggestion from one of our dear readers that a zucchini should be next in line for his ass. Luckily being reasonably fluent in American cooking I was able to translate that into (the more recognisable to English readers) courgette. At this point I suggested that our shopping should include a representative of this delicious vegetable, and was met with a beautifully disbelieving look.

When in the supermarket therefore we made a beeline for the aforementioned items, and proceeded to assess them for size and firmness. We selected the one shown, and I grabbed a quick picture so that I could refer to it later. Mat on the other hand would be able to look at the courgette itself nestled in his fridge.

For a few days then he was free to contemplate its size, firmness, coolness and width on a daily basis. I smirked quietly to myself from a distance; this was going to be fun.

When the time came I retrieved the sizeable zucchini and (kind Domme that I am) allowed it to warm up. I didn’t want the cold to limit our fun too quickly after all.
Mat was ordered onto all fours, and I dripped more olive oil over his ass, admiring the beauty of his oh so fuckable boy cunt. Then I started to push the vegetable into that cunt ever so slowly.

He gasped as it began to stretch him but took it quietly. After a few moments he began to push himself back, and his ass eagerly took in more until he began to whimper at the feel of it. I fucked him with it gently, allowing it to slide out and pushing it back in, and watching as my slut lost himself in the moment. Little sounds of pleasure and pain escaped his throat as I raped him with a courgette.

This far in

I was genuinely impressed at how far my boy’s cunt stretched. When I had given him as much as he could hold I marked the insertion, so that he and you could see just what my boy slut can take.
By now he was beginning to get used to the size of it and I fucked him more vigorously, as he offered himself to me, with mewling sounds of submission.

When I was done he was sore and stretched, but rightly proud of being my good boy and of taking everything I had asked of him.
He did however quietly ask me one thing. “Are you really going to post pictures on the internet of how you fucked me with a courgette?”

Like this...
...and this

Author: Caitlin

Geeky, kinky and poly. Discovering my Domme side. Sometimes NSFW and 18+.

4 thoughts on “Five A Day – Back to the Supermarket”

  1. Wow. That went in pretty darn far! And on the fatter end too; I’m sure he (and you) wouldn’t want it any other way.

    The best visual: “Mat was ordered onto all fours, and I dripped more olive oil over his ass…”

    Wish you were closer. I have tons of zucchini and yellow squash from the garden. You should see the one I named “the club”: 11.75 inches (29.845 cm) long and 11 inches in diameter!

    Some yellow squash were that long but more interesting shapes with hooks and curves. Hmm…me thinks that would have felt good. Right, Sev?

    So glad I could be of inspiration.


    1. Eek!
      Well I MIGHT have had a look at some pictures of yellow squash, I see what you mean about the curves and hooks 🙂
      However I’m still maintaining that I’m misunderstood though and any abuse of my boy-cunt is therefore obviously against my wishes. Obviously.
      sev xx

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