Finding The Words

So I’m writing a piece of erotica and I find that I’m struggling with it. The scene I’m trying to write is clear enough. I feel no shame in the contemplation or description of the scenario in question. So what is holding me back?

The words.

I start of course with the everyday, the common (biological) names for things. They are clear, descriptive and accurate but they are not enough. For a start, I was taught when writing that one word should not be overused. No conversation should become a sequence of “he said”, “she said”. So a variety of words for the same concept are needed and they should be descriptive. They should provide colour and depth to the image one is trying to convey.

The next set of words of course, are the ‘rude’ ones, raw and dynamic, but I find there are so many, almost too many, to choose from.

This leaves me with hard choices. I’m writing erotic fiction. There is no sniggering behind the bike sheds here. I find some words sound too embarrassed, others too designed to shock. Others convey very specific images to my mind which do not mesh with the story I am trying to tell.

All these words though, may, and probably do sound completely different to my readers ears. You come with your own prejudices and preferences, which I can never know.

So I pick and choose, hoping to convey desire, pleasure and excitement, without sounding like a smutty teenager.

I wonder how well I do?

Author: Caitlin

Geeky, kinky and poly. Discovering my Domme side. Sometimes NSFW and 18+.

One thought on “Finding The Words”

  1. If the blog posts before and after this one are anything to go by, it’s worth the wait because you DO find the right words. Both are amazing posts.
    sev xx

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