A Shower on a Summer’s Evening

It was a balmy summer’s evening. Rowena sat on a chair in the secluded garden enjoying the last rays of the sun. On a table by her side a glass of Pimms rested, full of fruit and ice. She picked it up and sipped it; then looked down at the decking and smiled.

Kneeling beside her on the decking Matthew was naked save for a narrow collar. He was on all fours; lapping from a bowl by her feet. He smiled up at her happily and she smiled back.

“Enjoying your Pimms?” she asked, and he nodded enthusiastically, wriggling his hips as if he had a tail to wag.

Rowena patted him on the head gently and continued to sip her drink slowly.

After a while, she began to feel a little full and uncomfortable; looking directly at her boy still crouching beside her, she downed the last of her Pimms. His eyes held hers as he wondered what was coming next.

Rowena got up and walked across the garden to the far side of the lawn. She looked back and held out her hands.

“Here boy” she called and watched as Matthew obediently bounded across the grass to her. She petted him enthusiastically as he arrived.

“Now,” she began, “lie down here”, she indicated the grass beside her.

She arranged him on his back, arms by his sides. He looked up at her silently.

“All that Pimms has had an effect” she told him as she hitched up her short dress, revealing the absence of any underwear, and sat astride his chest; pinning his arms by his side with her knees.

She raised herself up slightly, and let herself go, showering his chest with a warm stream of liquid. She leaned forwards now, tilting her hips, and letting her urine stream over his face. Matthew shut his eyes, and opened his mouth, letting the liquid run over his tongue, tasting her.

Rowena watched it flowing over him, sighing with pleasure, until she was empty, and his chest, shoulders and face were soaked with her piss.

Matthew opened his eyes, and looked up at her adoringly, running his tongue around his lips.

“Good boy” she praised him, as she stood up.

She helped him up, and walked with him over to the side of the house.

“Of course now you’re such a dirty puppy, we’ll have to get you cleaned up before you can go back in the house” she added as she went to where the hose lay neatly coiled by the outside tap.

She picked it up, and pointing it towards him, turned it on. She grinned as she showered him, yet again, with water.

“How does that feel?”

Author: Caitlin

Geeky, kinky and poly. Discovering my Domme side. Sometimes NSFW and 18+.

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