Rowena arrived home from work to find her husband already waiting for her. He opened the front door for her, and after a welcoming kiss, ushered her into the house.

“Come with me” Bryan instructed.
She protested that there were things to do, but Bryan was adamant.
“I’ve ordered pizza, and before it arrives I want to have some fun.”

Rowena obediently followed her husband into their bedroom. The accessories laid out on the bed gave her some idea of what was coming next.

“Strip” he told her sternly, and she instantly began to undress. Her clothes fell to the floor unheeded.

When she was naked, her husband reached to the items lying on the bed, and picked up a blindfold which he fastened over her eyes. Sightless, she did not resist as his hands fastened cuffs on her wrists and ankles. She felt his hands on her body, running over her breasts and stomach before they probed between her legs.
“Good girl”, he said soothingly, “you’re all wet already, and we’ve barely started”.

Turning her round slightly Bryan bent her forwards over the bed and began to spank her gently but firmly.

Next she was made to lie down on the bed, wrists and ankles fastened down, leaving her arms stretched out to the sides and her legs spread. She trembled slightly as he ran his hands over her body again aware of her defencelessness.

Suddenly she heard the distant sound of the door bell. Bryan stopped what he was doing.
“Ah, that’ll be the pizza. I’ll be right back my dear” he said lightly.

She lay on the bed, straining to hear as her husband went downstairs.
She heard the front door open, and distant voices. She lay still, breathing deeply, as she concentrated on the sounds downstairs, on the footsteps coming back up towards her. But the sound was in some undefinable way not quite what she expected.

Rowena felt hands on her thighs and a tongue lapping at her clit. She writhed with pleasure at the sensations coursing through her.

Her husband’s voice came floating through the darkness towards her.
“She likes it rougher than that”.

Her head turned automatically to where his voice had come from, towards the bedroom door. Whose then was the tongue she felt caressing her? Rowena struggled against her bonds, but they held her fast.

“No, no” she whimpered, “Bryan, who is it?” she thrashed violently, but a man’s hands held her hips firmly.

Bryan came over and whispered in his wife’s ear “He brought the pizza. Relax love; be a slut for me, for him. Show him what a good girl you are. Trust me”.

Rowena subsided slightly, but her body was still tense. Her husband bent and kissed her, feeling the tension subside slightly. The hands roaming her body seemed to know where to touch her, and despite her misgivings, Rowena felt her body responding to the unknown lover’s touch. Her husband’s whispered encouragement easing her mind, and letting her fall into the sensations of pleasure.

“Go ahead” Rowena heard Bryan say and she felt a cock forcing its way into her pussy. She writhed helplessly as this stranger used her. Gasping for breath as he began to pound into her deeply, she struggled with the conflicting emotions washing over her.

She heard him reach his orgasm, and listened to the unrestrained cry he uttered. A sense of familiarity hit her like a wave, leaving her confused, who was this man?

In a moment a hand snatched the blindfold from her eyes, and as she blinked against the sudden light, she saw her lover, Tom lying collapsed beside her.

She looked from one man to the other as Tom grinned and began untying her.
“Come on darling” he told her, “there’s lots of pizza to eat”.

Author: Caitlin

Geeky, kinky and poly. Discovering my Domme side. Sometimes NSFW and 18+.

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