Five A Day – Making It Real

It started with a fantasy. It was Mat’s fantasy, let’s be clear about that. It was he who had spotted the cage nestled in the fruit and veg section of a supermarket, it was he who had speculated about its possible uses. Then of course, naturally enough, he told me about it. More than that, he wrote it out in graphic detail, detailing his pleasure and his shame. What Domme wouldn’t enjoy reading such a story.

At this point I began to consider this as possible play material, but I had no definite plan, no absolute certainty. Then my boy sealed his own fate. I made a casual comment to my clearly very horny boy and suddenly I found he was writing yet another fantasy. A beautifully imagined story with certain elements strikingly  in common with the first.

Clearly my boy needed this fantasy, and as a good and dutiful(!) Domme I was going to have to see he got it.

Mat came into the kitchen, simply expecting to be fed, but first I began to discuss his fruity little fantasies. He squirmed delightfully, and I smiled as I picked up the banana lying alone on the counter and told him what I intended to do with it.

He protested, complaining that the end would be too sharp. He was right of course.
I fetched a knife and carefully trimmed the end, testing it with my thumb to be certain it was smooth enough.
He still looked uncertain, surely I wasn’t going to actually use it on him
I helped him to get naked, tidying his clothes neatly out of the way.  I made him bend over the sink with his hands gripping the edge, now I think he began to realise that I was serious.

I fetched the olive oil from the side and poured it over his ass, until a little dripped onto the floor; this was his fantasy after all. I rubbed some more oil over the beautifully firm fruit and set to work. It slid in easily enough, but I pushed it only a short way in before working it in and out of his beautifully oiled cunt.

Very soon my boy was begging me for more, begging me to fuck him deeper with the banana. Of course I complied (what a lovely kind Domme I am), until I could barely hold the oily fruit. Mat pushed his ass back eagerly, an eager slut loving every thrust and moaning with pleasure.

When he had been well and truly used, when the banana was threatening to disintegrate from the strain, I finally stopped. I peeled the banana carefully, and fed it to him, watching him suck at it eagerly, eating it obediently, until I mashed the remainder into his face.

But there was one part of those two fantasies that I still hadn’t made real, one other thing that they both had in common. The public humiliation of being seen being buggered with a banana, having it known what a dirty little slut he really is.

That of course, dear reader, is where you come in. So I hope you enjoy this picture of our banana, as much as I enjoyed taking it.

Author: Caitlin

Geeky, kinky and poly. Discovering my Domme side. Sometimes NSFW and 18+.

4 thoughts on “Five A Day – Making It Real”

  1. That was hawt! I’d have loved to seen him getting worked over with that banana and listening to his glorious cries of pleasure. What a little slut-boy you have.

    Nice balls too.

    P.S. I have some extra large zucchini I can send over 😉

    1. He is a completely delightful little slut, and I’m glad I could share some of the fun we had with you. There is certainly something to be said for moving on to other fruits and vegetables, and of course, there would have to be pictures.

      Caitlin x

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