The Feel of Wood

Perrin and I went for a walk. It was dark, and quiet. We walked slowly through the fields, following the footpaths as well as we could. Hand in hand, until we came to a gap in the hedgerow, and a tall tree.

We stepped though the gap, and stood under the tree. Perrin ordered me to get naked. I laid my clothes carefully on the ground; my coat, my dress, my underwear a neat pile in the darkness. The night breeze brushed cool against my skin, yet the air was warm. I stood trembling by the tree, my hands against its trunk.

Perrin got out his Swiss army knife, and cut a branch from a nearby bush. I watched over my shoulder as he stripped it of leaves, until only the switch remained. I turned my face back to the tree.

The first blows were harsh. I yelped and leapt back, my hands involuntarily covering my bottom. Perrin waited as I struggled to recover, until I resumed my position against the tree. He continued, more gently, but still my hands clutched at the tree, my gasps loud in the silent night air.

When he had finished, I remained where I was. Leaning forwards, resting my face against the bark. I heard him unfasten his trousers, and I bent further to allow him to penetrate me. He fucked me then, my face looking up at the sky through the branches, my hands and face touching the tree, feeling its rough texture, my skin revelling in the currents of air playing over me.

When he had finished, he gathered up my clothes and we walked back the way we had come. I walked naked beside him, my hand in his.

Such a beautiful night.

Author: Caitlin

Geeky, kinky and poly. Discovering my Domme side. Sometimes NSFW and 18+.

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