Can You Be Too Old For Sex?

Everybody is getting older. We are all in fact travelling through time at a rate of one second per second, in an inescapable journey into the future. In general I don’t worry about this particularly, most of the time my internal age is somewhere between twenty and twenty-five, and I’m happy like that.

My external age though, continues to increase, as does that of everyone I know. Still, that’s usually a fact of very little consequence to me. Until this week when I encountered a newspaper report which said ‘the porn industry treats sex over forty as a fetish’!
I stopped to think when I read that. Really? Is having sex over forty actually unusual?

I’m well aware that most people I’ve discussed it with believe that their parents don’t have sex, despite the clear evidence to the contrary. Unless of course, you know you were conceived entirely by medical science or a virgin birth. Feel free to let me know if you can prove the latter. Is this the same problem in another form? Do twenty-somethings really believe that when they get to forty that they won’t want to ‘do it’ any more?

Certainly porn does indeed often present sex as something for young attractive people only. I’ve also been disappointed by the way fantasy writings portray sex and ageing as well. The Gor novels (and there’s a whole load of controversy there I know), present the scenario of young desirable women being captured to be sex slaves and then promptly vaccinated to prevent them ageing. Heinlein started off in a better vein presenting sex as a continuing and enjoyable part of life, but rather spoiled it for me by rescuing his ageing heroine (Mama Maureen) and promptly rejuvenating her, so she need never be old again.
None of this ‘sex is for the young’ reflects reality as I see it. Certainly ageing brings about changes, and the sort of sex people have does tend to change in some ways as they get older. But wouldn’t it be nice just to say older people love having sex too.

Certainly when I’m forty, and fifty, and sixty, and…well you get the idea. I intend to carry on enjoying my sex life to the full, and I hope you all do too.

Author: Caitlin

Geeky, kinky and poly. Discovering my Domme side. Sometimes NSFW and 18+.

3 thoughts on “Can You Be Too Old For Sex?”

  1. I can assure all of you that contrary to what you have heard OLD PEOPLE FUCK. I am 66 my wife is 63 according to what we are told we DO IT as often as most 30-40 year olds. I must confess that I can not do twice in one night but with out any medical assistance 3 or 4 times a week is not unheard off. And bless viagra’s heart with it I am a STUD again!

  2. But with age comes experience. So give me an experienced 40s, 50s, whatever lover over an inexperienced youngster any day. Besides, a more mature lover doesn’t tend to freak out when you suggest doing something, “a little different”!

  3. Ah in this case.. for porn.. then yes, sex over the age of 40 is a “fetish”. I hate this about society and it’s “norms”, especially norms that surround porn. Let’s face it..society consumes porn full of “young” people. It’s all busty females that for the most part look good and often not so great looking guys with really huge cocks. But “normal” porn is young and attractive couples having sex.

    In another point of view… porn involving having sex with a BBW is also considered a “fetish”. This also bugs the crap out of me and other people.

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