Begging For Mercy

The first (and only previous) time Perrin used ginger on me was a long while ago. My hands were tied, and I remember a sense of fear as it was inserted into my ass. That in itself was a new experience for me too. I felt it begin to burn and struggled against it. Before it grew unbearable though the sensation was augmented with an overwhelming desire to have my cunt filled. I begged desperately to be fucked. The burning faded away, and the desire remained.

Return to the present day. I had little fear as I was bent over the bed, and Perrin began to insert something into my bottom. It was so cold that for a few moments I wondered if it was ice, but then the burning sensation began.

Quickly it began to hurt. After an unmeasurable time, though doubtless only a minute or two, I was ordered onto the bed, and I struggled to make my limbs obey me.

I ended up curled into a ball unable to find a place in my mind away from the pain. I begged desperately for it to stop. Curling my hands convulsively against the sheets, struggling not to attempt to remove the cause of my agony. Dimly aware of feeling completely unsexy and nonsexual. There was only pain, and a desperate hope for mercy.

My relief when Perrin removed it was intense, the burn faded instantly to a level I could endure. Perrin then proceeded to distract me further, a very welcome relief.

A part of me wonders though, how long could I have endured. Even in the pain, I struggled to submit, despite my genuine pleading. Is that a submissive win or a fail I wonder?

Author: Caitlin

Geeky, kinky and poly. Discovering my Domme side. Sometimes NSFW and 18+.

One thought on “Begging For Mercy”

  1. I see no failure there sweetie. Perrin removed it, not you. You took his pain, all the more a win because it was such a struggle for you to endure.

    If it was me i’d have been desperate to be restrained to prevent me from removing it. You didn’t need that.

    And if you’ll forgive a terrible pun, that made very hot reading!

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