Because not every fantasy is kinky.

Hand in hand they enter the bedroom. Each eager and yet strangely hesitant. They glance at the bed, but do not approach it. Instead they turn to each other and kiss. Tongues entwining, as their hands explore each other. His fingers under her skirt now, tracing up her inner thigh, he pushes the fabric of her panties aside to feel the dampness they conceal. As his fingers enter her she moans into his kiss, legs buckling slightly. Her hand traces the bulge in his trousers. She pulls back from the kiss to unbuckle his jeans now, pushing them down from his hips to release his erection. Her hands stroke its smooth length urgently as his fingers probe deeper within her.

Returning to the kiss, they stand, hands urgent now. Reaching under clothes, feeling each others skin. A look exchanged, they part briefly to shed clothing swiftly. Two piles of cloth, unwanted, forgotten.

Now naked they press together, arms round each other, eager for more.

He gently pushes her down to sit on the bed. Parting her thighs with his hands, he kneels between them and tastes her juices. Her hands tangle in his hair, head back, moaning as his tongue goes where his fingers had so recently explored.

Her hips buck, grinding her pussy against his mouth, she never wants this to stop.

When he draws back for air, she leans down to kiss him, tasting her own juices on his tongue. Her arms draw him up, urging him to lie down beside her. She pushes him onto his back and her mouth seeks his cock. She licks at it for a moment before taking the length into her throat. Sucking at it eagerly, she hears his groan of pleasure.

She lifts her head, and smiles. Moving swiftly, she straddles him now, feeling the tip of his penis brushing her pussy lips she pauses. Resting on one hand, the other brushes his face gently for a moment, before she settles herself. Breasts tantalisingly close to his face. She lowers herself onto his hard cock. She gazes down at him, and he looks up in response, their eyes locked as she moves her body. His erection warm inside her, she bites her lip as she struggles to control her movements, keeping the rhythm even, each stroke long and smooth, feeling him deep inside her.

His breathing quickens, and she increases her pace. She is gasping too, trembling with desire, as she watches his reactions.

Her head drops for a moment to kiss him, then she draws back, hips moving urgently. As she watches, his eyes close and he bucks uncontrollably beneath her, crying out in pleasure. As his spasms subside she lowers herself, lying pressed against his body in the most intimate of embrace.

“I love you” she whispers against him.

“I love you too”.

Author: Caitlin

Geeky, kinky and poly. Discovering my Domme side. Sometimes NSFW and 18+.

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