Lovers, Old and New

Last night, Caitlin and I were lying in bed cuddling and talking about the recent changes in our lives. Caitlin is forming a relationship with another man, and we started to discuss what that would be like.

Talking about her going out with him turned me on immensely, and it was not long before we were making love. At this point I started thinking about the beginnings of my relationship with Amy. The particular moment is when I first spent the night with her alone. It was an occasion we had been waiting for and anticipating for some time, and we had some amazing sex. It was a night I am not likely to forget!

Making love to Caitlin, I shared my thoughts with her. I know that it may seem odd to some people reading this, but sharing feelings about making love to someone else during sex is not something that we have a problem with.

On that night, back in the summer, when Amy and I were entwined, Caitlin was not in my thoughts. Amy and I shared an amazing moment of passion, and during that, speaking for myself, my thoughts were entirely with her. I had some very nice thoughts of Caitlin later, though. 🙂

Relating this to Caitlin, I wanted her to understand that when her new man was making love to her, as I was then, his cock between her legs, her arms around him, it is entirely fine, and, indeed, proper, to not be thinking of me, and, instead, enjoying that special moment of sharing your body with another. Get lost in the passion, and not feel guilt, because I wholeheartedly approve.

With these thoughts of passion with others, firmly in our heads, we both had an amazing shared orgasm.

2 thoughts on “Lovers, Old and New”

  1. That’s very sweet and something I need to learn to be able to do. Even though my husband has told me dozens of time “it’s ok” I still have a hard time letting go and NOT think about him. It’s an inner struggle. There is no reason for me to feel guilty and yet I do.

    1. I don’t think its at all wrong to think about your partner, but certainly you don’t need to feel guilty about it.

      I’m very sure your husband feels as I do with Caitlin. He is confident in your love for him, so you enjoying yourself with someone else is no threat, just something for him to enjoy you feeling happy about.

      I am very much looking forward to Caitlin spending a night away.

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