Snow Again

The snow came down yesterday. We spent all day inside drinking mulled wine and watching it fall.

In the evening Perrin and I had a talk, about kink and what we were doing. We’ve come a long way from our first playing in the snow a year ago, when I learned what a terrible thing it could be.

Then he put me over his knee and spanked me. It was the best kind of spanking, with his hand on my back holding me in place, and me wriggling and kicking. It went on and on, until I wondered how much more his hand could take.

I’m a cheeky girl.

When he’d finished, Perrin told me to stand up,  naked from the waist down, and getting me to place my hands on my bottom, asked me how it felt.

“Hot and Sore” I admitted.

“I can help with that” he smirked.

I knew instantly what he was implying. We went around to the back door, and he opened it up, pushing snow before it as it opened. Then he told me to sit down in the snow.

I did so obediently. The first touch of snow was cold but soft, not unpleasant at all. Within seconds though the cold was burning, unbearable. After the longest few moments, Perrin helped me to my feet, and let me return indoors.

Then we went upstairs to make love. I begged for his cock, and he asked me why I deserved such a thing.

“I’m a good girl, I sat straight down in the snow for you”

“That’s not good, that’s obedient” he told me, “good, would be asking to sit in the snow for me” he challenged.

I did say he was cruel. I hate being cold.

Still as we made love, I suggested bravely that he could fetch snow from outside the window. His mind worked on the possibilities, until a completely new idea occurred to him.

He fetched some snow from the windowsill and pushed it into my pussy, pounding it deeper with his cock. As it melted the water trickled out, drenching us both.

A second time, he went to the window, and I waited legs spread wide. He brought snow, and I felt the cold deep inside me. The cold of the snow and the heat of his cock moved me so much that I found myself coming, lost in the deliciously altered sensation. Another few moments and Perrin came too, another source of warmth.

Suddenly snow doesn’t seem so bad.

Author: Caitlin

Geeky, kinky and poly. Discovering my Domme side. Sometimes NSFW and 18+.

2 thoughts on “Snow Again”

  1. Pushing the freezing snow into your pussy with my cock was an amazing feeling. Your pussy was an incredible mixture of hot and cold.

    We might be doing this again 😀 xxxxx

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