Early Morning

He rolls over to snuggle behind her, his arm moves around her to cup her breasts. She moves back against him sleepily. She wasn’t fully asleep, and now she knows sleep will be impossible.

Rolling over, she embraces him and they kiss, a gentle sleepy kiss. Her hand runs down his body, appreciating the feel of his chest under her hand, his stomach, curving her touch to cup his balls and run her hand up his waking erection.

One hand still stroking his cock, the other leans on his shoulder, as she silently urges him to roll onto his back.

She straddles him now, kneeling astride him, leaning forward to kiss him again. The kiss is hungry now, tongues urgently seeking each other. As they kiss, her hips move as she seeks his erection. Finding it, she moves to take him in, he thrusts upwards, pushing further into her moist pussy.

She sits upright, fully sheathing his length, slowly she lifts off, feeling him slide out until only the tip of his cock remains inside her. Then she moves down, moaning slightly as she takes him back in.

She moves faster now, her arms stretched out for balance as she rides him. His hands come up to support her breasts, as she bounces on him. He watches her in the predawn light, admiring her beauty. This woman is his to enjoy.

As her thighs grow tired, he pinches her nipples, distracting her from one source of pain with another. Her head tilts back, breathing hard, she continues to move rhythmically.

His hands move to hold her, pulling her down to him, he kisses her, tells her what is coming next.

He takes her steel butt plug, and slides it into her ass, feeling it through her against his cock. She resumes her motions more gingerly now as she becomes accustomed to the new pressure.

He feels a new wash of moisture as she rides him, throwing her head back in pleasure. She moves more insistently, driving him urgently on. The pressure builds, his hands on her hips, guiding her strokes, until he moans, eyes widening, at the pleasure flooding through him.

She rests then, head snuggling against his neck, wrapped around him.

“Good morning darling”.

Author: Caitlin

Geeky, kinky and poly. Discovering my Domme side. Sometimes NSFW and 18+.

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