The Dressing Gown

You’d been in your dressing gown all day.

As we sat on the sofa, finishing off our wine, the dressing gown had slipped off your shoulders, revealing smooth skin, your silver collar and the swell of your breasts. Your nipples were just out of sight, tantalisingly close to my gaze.

As you lean forward to put you goblet down. The dressing gown gapes open to reveal a breast, smooth and soft. I cannot resist.

You look momentarily startled as I push you sideways onto the sofa. You see the lust in my eyes, and help me move your legs up onto the sofa, so you are lying along it. I push your legs up displaying your naked bald pussy to me.

“Naughty girl”, I say. You look at me questioningly. “You have spent all day in your dressing gown, not bothering to dress, or even brush your hair.” You look at me fearfully, resigned to the punishment that is to come.

You gasp as my hand strikes hard across your exposed pussy. Lying on your back, with me holding your legs straight up, your pussy lips are exposed to me hand. I slap you hard across your arse, twice, alternating cheeks, then again in the middle, across both cheeks and your pussy. I can see your clit swelling as your arousal builds.

I continue my assault on your exposed backside, and you scream as I again hit your pussy with the palm of my hand. I stop, listening to your ragged breathing as you try to take in what is happening to you. I push my fingers deep into your pussy and you gasp again at the welcome intrusion.

You are dripping wet and ready for me.

I stand up, and pull off my top throwing it over your face and head. You know better than to try and move it. I take off my trousers and pants, and move between your legs. You part them, eager for my cock.

I frown, your breasts have hidden themselves underneath your dressing gown. That will not do. I reach down, and, gripping your dressing gown, I rip it open, snapping the inner tie holding it closed. You jump at the sound, but then I am on you, cock deep in your pussy. You take me easily, so aroused and turned on that you are.I fuck you hard and fast, holding your hands above your head, pinning you down.

You try to catch your breath as I stop briefly, but it just to rearrange you. You groan as I push your legs up to your chest, knowing the deep fucking that is to come. I do not disappoint, pounding into your abused pussy, my heavy balls slapping against you as I take my pleasure. You writhe and squirm, tossing your head from side to side as I fuck you hard and deep. I can see you are ready.

I let your legs down, moving my top, so you can see me again. I lie down, pressing against your breasts, and you reach round to hold me there, thrusting your tongue into my mouth, your thoughts full of need. I start moving again, my thrusts slightly more measured, rubbing your clit as I more in and out, pushing you closer. You detect my movements becoming less controlled as I near my orgasm. In pace with me, you cry out your orgasm as my cock spurts my come deep into you.

“I take it you enjoyed that.” I say smiling down at you. You can only blink and stare as your orgasm subsides.

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