Playing With His Girls

This is a continuation of a story I started here. Two girls are with their Master in a hotel room…

“Hands behind your backs” he ordered them.

The two girls obeyed swiftly, leaving their weight supported on their shoulders.
Taking some bondage tape he bound each girls hands, wrists to elbows, leaving them vulnerable and unable to defend themselves. He stroked their wet pussies, and then slapped each raised butt, making the girls gasp.

He helped first one girl and then the other to their knees, so that they faced each other.
“kiss” he commanded, and watched with pleasure, as they leaned into each other, their mouths open, tasting each other, their breasts pressed together. He placed his hands on the small of each curved back and pushed the two women closer together, watching their bodies respond to that closeness with eager motions.

“Stop” he pulled the two forcibly apart, so that they knelt back on their heels. They turned to look at him, breathing ragged, eyes wild.
The man smiled at their obvious enjoyment. He intended them to give him much more of a show than that.
“My lovely sluts, it’s time to play another game”

He helped the dark haired girl to get off the bed and stood her at the corner, hands still bound. While she watched, he went over to a bag in the corner of the room and withdrew a blindfold. She watched him nervously, but he took it to the bed and fastened it over the blonde girl’s eyes.

The blindfolded girl gasped, as sightless she felt his hands roaming her body. Then his touch was gone, and she breathed rapidly trying to distinguish the sounds in the room.

The standing girl’s hands were unbound, and again he went to his bag, to withdraw items which he passed to her.

“Sir?” she was startled.

“Silence” he ordered her swiftly, “not a word”. His hand gestures making his intentions quite clear.

She nodded, biting her lip as she looked towards the bound girl on the bed.

He moved back to the bed now, and resumed touching the girl kneeling there. He tweaked her nipples, and pulled her head back by her hair so that he could kiss and bite at her exposed throat. When she began to moan loudly at his touches he reached round and unbound her hands swiftly, letting the tape fall to the floor.

She reached to embrace him, and he moved closer, pushing her down, so that she lay back on the bed now.

“Stay there”, he told her, although she had shown no sign of attempting to rise. He stepped back and undressed quickly, catching the other girl’s eyes. as she watched in nervous fascination.

He moved over the prone girl, his body over and confining hers. She reached for him, and was delighted as he kissed her deeply. Then she felt him parting her thighs and his fingers probed her pussy. He felt her dampness, and licked it off his fingers, tasting her juices.

She moaned again as she felt his cock push against her. She spread her thighs further apart welcoming its touch. He slid into her fully, and then began to move, more and more swiftly, until he was pounding hard into her with every stroke, and her cries were throaty and incoherent.

Suddenly he withdrew. The air felt cool against her damp pussy. She moaned in disappointment.

“Sir”, her voice was tentative.

“Yes?” he encouraged her to speak.

“Sir, please…” she struggled.

“Would you like more?” he asked her dangerously.

“Yes, yes, more, please”, she begged eagerly, her body twisting on the bed.

He smiled, “More, you shall have my dear one”.

He came round to kneel beside her. with one hand he took her wrists and lifted them above her head, holding them together. With the other he guided her head until his cock pressed against her lips. She opened her mouth obediently, eagerly, tasting her own juices on him. As she, held and blindfolded, sucked eagerly on him, he gestured sternly at the waiting girl…

He stroked the blonde girls head with his free hand. She wriggled briefly, a reflex motion as she felt lube coated fingers stroking her pussy. Then again, as she felt something hard and cool probing there. She felt something slide into her eagerly damp cunt, stretching her slightly, she felt a body above her, pressing against her own.

Holding her hands still, he pulled back freeing her head to turn upwards seeking a kiss. He pulled the blindfold from her now. Her eyes opened automatically, and widened as she saw the dark haired girl above her. The girls kissed, passionately, their hips moving in a simple rhythm. He let the girl’s hands go now, and they ran down the other’s body, until they felt the straps around her hips.

He watched as one girl arched her body up, to allow the other to look, and see the strap on she was wearing, pushing into her. They moved urgently together now. His fingers probed between them, intensifying the experience, helping them to the brink. They cried out to him as they came, one and then the other. Their bodies slick with sweat entwined together.

He smiled again, he hadn’t come himself yet…

Author: Caitlin

Geeky, kinky and poly. Discovering my Domme side. Sometimes NSFW and 18+.

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