Sleeping Beauty

When we arrived at the Bedtime Stories party, there was a huge bed on which Sleeping Beauty was lying while her prince was trying unsuccessfully and enthusiastically to wake her.

Watching this was a fascinating experience for me. I was struck by her ability to remain still despite the attentions of the prince and those he drafted in to help. Her vulnerability initially made me nervous, although I relaxed as I realised that her prince was also her protector if any had been needed.

I found myself wondering how it would feel to be such a doll. Although I have been restrained, both physically and by being ordered to remain still I had never attempted not to respond to stimulation. On the contrary, some level of response is usually both desired and expected.

So it seemed like a fun idea to experiment.

I curled up in bed and ‘slept’. Perrin came into the room. His hands brushed my face, and I found myself incredibly aware of each touch as I concentrated on remaining still.  I felt him kissing my mouth and face, but rather than needing to react I found myself sinking into a space where I could feel and hear and yet was happy to remain passive.

His hands moved the duvet away little by little. each time his touch became more intimate, as he played with my breasts and then moved down to my pussy. I wondered how it would feel if there were other people present rather than just the two of us, and from inside my doll space I could see suddenly how that could be fun instead of scary.

I felt him rearrange my limbs, and I tried to remain unresisting, while wondering if I was actually too floppy or tense. I lay motionless as he started to make love to me, and was astonished as I concentrated on simple details, such as holding the curve of my hands still, and keeping my breathing light, how aroused I became and how wonderful it felt.

Under his kiss then, I let myself rouse at last, to confirm he was enjoying the game also, and to reassure him of my own reactions. For a moment I enjoyed responding to his movements, but I felt the game unfinished somehow.

I let myself flop, returning to doll space. I felt his cock pounding into me, and felt how easily it moved in my dampness. It felt liberating to focus on it, without any attempt to chase my own orgasm, which was simply impossible for me to reach as a doll.

He pulled out suddenly, and I felt his knees against me as he straddled me and I could hear his hand playing with his cock, and his breathing quickening. I realised then what was coming, and felt more doll like than ever. Accepting, unresisting. I lay still, lips slightly parted, aroused but passive as his cum covered my face. As it fell into my mouth, I tasted it and then slowly opened my eyes to smile at him. Then, no longer a doll, I could receive my own orgasm and bask in a happy afterglow of satisfaction.

Author: Caitlin

Geeky, kinky and poly. Discovering my Domme side. Sometimes NSFW and 18+.

2 thoughts on “Sleeping Beauty”

  1. Sylvanus and I had a session like this once. I was told not to move and not to make a sound as he touched me. This concept of being a living doll though sounds very very hot!

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