HNT – Black Fishnet

Black Fishnet HNT

I’m always on the lookout for interesting hold-ups for Caitlin, as she has lovely legs, and I’m frequently ordering her to show them off.

While I can see the appeal of stockings and suspenders, I like the simplicity of hold-ups, especially when a lady is wearing them, and nothing else.

I found these on a recent trip to London. I visited the various department stores along Oxford Street, and eventually wound up in Selfridges. I’d recommend them for anyone looking for stockings, hold-ups or tights, as they had by far the largest range. While cheaper is to be found in M&S (also a good range), Selfridges stock some very interesting things indeed.

Prices do vary somewhat, from the reasonable £9 a pair to £40+ .

The pictured pair come from the Agent Provocateur mini-store. They (for some reason) didn’t have many hold-ups; I guess stockings and suspenders are more their thing, but the lady on the counter did dig these out for me. Clearance price too!

Their tops are not the usual rubberised elastic, but instead are ties. I guess this is why they didn’t sell so well. They seem to work ok though!

Happy HNT!

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