My first night away

In a recent post, Caitlin mentioned our plans for playing with others. We’ve had a little experience over the years, and a bit more recently, but last week was the first time I’ve played with someone alone.

To give a little background, our relationship works because of the rules we set, and one that we set pretty early on was the difference between oral and penetrative sex. Caitlin has not had much experience of penetrative sex, as she feels that this is more special than giving pleasure to another in other ways. It requires more trust, and emotion – more of a connection with the other person.

Despite being a boy, and genetically more predisposed to “putting it about”, I’ve really come to appreciate this view.

We’ve been lucky enough to meet such a person, that we both liked and trusted, and she has become the first person I’ve had penetrative sex with since meeting Caitlin. As this was a big thing for us, Caitlin was also participating, which only made it all the more special for me, and, I hope, for Caitlin and her. Caitlin may write on this subject later.

The real subject of this post is that we got to take this to a new level last week when an opportunity arose for me to spend the night away with my new lover. Just writing this has me reliving the experience, one of the most enjoyable, emotional nights I’ve ever had. From the first moments after meeting up outside the tube, to when we parted the next day, we were focused on each other. Touches, looks, words, kisses. All intense and full of desire.

The other amazing thing, for me was falling asleep with her in my arms, and then waking up with her in the morning. Watching her calm sleeping face in the moments before she awoke, brought home to me the trust that sleeping with someone requires. Her smile, as she awoke, and saw me, was a delight.

At the same time, I had the knowledge that Caitlin wanted this for me. She had encouraged me to set it up, and had been full of love when she left for work.

Upon my return and hers from work, Caitlin and I shared a lingering kiss, before retiring to bed for some passionate love making of our own.

What a gift. From both of them. I am so lucky! Whatever can I give them in return?

2 thoughts on “My first night away”

  1. You give me so much everyday, my love, and I know that you’ll always be there for me when I need you. Thank you.

    I am happy to be able to give you the space to explore with others. Grateful that you have had the patience to let that sharing come at a pace I feel comfortable with; so that I can let you go with a happy heart and welcome you back with open arms.

    Happy too, to share you with someone so special.

    You made this possible with _your_ love.

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