His Girls

This picture got me thinking. So here’s a story to go with it.

He watched the women from the other side of the room. They sat near the hotel bar, two heads close together; one dark, one light. They were smiling together, faces lit with pleasure as they talked.

Both women were submissive and they were his. He had played with each of them many times, but this was the first time he had brought the two together in person. He was delighted to see them so comfortable together. Over dinner they had talked and laughed and were well on the way to becoming firm friends. Now it was time to play some more.

They looked round together as he crossed the room towards them. He sat down and reached between them to pick up his drink from the bar where he had left it.

He smiled at them both, “time for bed girls” he told them, “up you go, I’ll be along when I’ve finished my drink.”

“Yes Sir” they chorused, and obediently slipped away together. He watched them as they crossed the lobby towards the lift. They were hand in hand now, their fingers entwined. His girls, going up to his room.

In the lift they exchanged glances, then heads tilted together and they began to kiss. Light and gentle their lips explored the others with lustful curiosity. They pulled apart as the lift reached their floor but their hands stayed entwined as they walked down the corridor to the room. One of the girls fished out a key from their handbag and opened the door. The other woman slipped through and reached for the light switch. As the lights came on they looked down to see a piece of paper on the floor. Curious the dark headed girl picked it up and looked at it.

It was a sheet of hotel notepaper folded in half, with “READ ME” written in capitals on it. Feeling suddenly like she was falling down a rabbit hole, she opened the paper and read the message out loud.

“I want you to get ready for bed. Brush your teeth, remove your makeup, and get comfortable. When I arrive I expect to find both of you naked. Each of you will be kneeling on the bed with your head on the pillow and your cunt exposed to me.” her voice trembled slightly as she read this missive.

The two girls took it in turns to use the bathroom. They were silent and hesitant, then the lighter haired of the two broke the silence.

“I guess we’d better get naked.”

Casting sideways glances at each other as they did so the two of them undressed. Each looking and feeling slightly awkward. Once they had removed all their clothes, they seemed to relax again.

They smiled, and naked, they sat down on the bed next to one another. One girl leaned forward towards the other until their lips met. The dark-haired girl snaked her arm around the other girl pulling her closer. The kiss became more passionate as the blonde reached for the others breasts and began fondling them eagerly. They were both moaning between kisses now. Little desperate sounds of need. The dark-haired girl pressed closer still to her companion, rubbing her whole body against her. The blonde gasped as her sub-sister’s hand thrust between her legs and stroked her pussy and she arched her hips eagerly towards the probing fingers.

The sound of the door unlocking shocked them to their senses. Quickly they pulled back. With urgent glances they knelt on the bed together. Heads thrust down on the pillows, their shaven pussies exposed. They smiled at each other as they awaited their master’s touch.

The door opened and he came in. He had heard their scuffle to present themselves, and was delighted to see them obediently exposing themselves to him. He walked over to the bed and thrust his fingers into both the pussies before him. They were both dripping wet, and he smiled again at their arousal.

“Good girls” he praised them.

The evening was only just beginning.

Author: Caitlin

Geeky, kinky and poly. Discovering my Domme side. Sometimes NSFW and 18+.

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