Left at Home

This is what I think about when I’m home alone.

“I have to go out tonight” he tells her as sits on the edge of the bed fastening his shoes, “but I will be thinking about you”.

She watches him sceptically. He will be having fun, with no reason to think about her. She knows however, that she will be missing him.

“Get your collar” he commands suddenly.

She does so and bends her neck meekly while he fastens it on her.

” and now get undressed” he says with a smile, leaning back on the bed to watch her.

She is confused. She’s sure he doesn’t have time to use her before he goes out. Obediently though she strips, dropping her clothes on the floor. She’ll pick them up later.

“Now get the cuffs” he orders her.

“What are you going to do?” she starts to ask, but his stern face prompts her to hurry, and she presents them to him swiftly. He takes them from her with a smile and fastens them on her wrists, clipping her hands together in front of her.

He kisses her lips swiftly, “I’ve got to go now” he says to her with an evil smile “you can spend the evening as you wish as long as you’re in bed when I return.”

“Sir” she pleads,  suddenly uncertain, “you can’t leave me like this.”

“Oh but I can” he tells her and adds with a smile “I’ll be thinking of you”.

The door slams, and she sits down on the bed to think. She sees her clothes lying discarded on the floor and figures she’d better tidy them away. It’s a slow process. She spreads her hands as far apart as the cuffs will allow, but it’s awkward and she finds herself getting frustrated before she’s done.

Annoyed she decides to reward herself with a glass of wine. Naked, she goes downstairs, there’s no way for her to dress. As she reaches the kitchen door she realises the blind is still up, but she’s not giving up now. She hurries in, straight to the cupboard with the glasses in; keeping her back to the window as much as she can and praying the neighbours aren’t looking. Her face scarlet at the thought she retrieves a glass and hurries into the lounge to find a bottle. She finds one, thanking her lucky stars it’s a screw cap. She manages to open it and pours wine unsteadily into the glass. Picking the glass up in both hands she settles back on the sofa to consider her next move.

She curses under her breath as the telephone rings, but she goes to answer it, her joined hands holding it awkwardly against her ear.

“Hello love, how is your evening?” his voice is lightly mocking and she feels fury and frustration.

“Fine”, she spits, “I’ve got a glass of wine”, she admits to him slightly defiantly.

“Good idea”, he sounds sincerely pleased for her.

“I had to get a glass from the kitchen”, she goes on more gently, “the blind was up”.

He laughs, and she goes scarlet again at the recollection.

“Did the neighbours see you?” he asks.

“I don’t know” she replies quietly. She hopes they didn’t, at least, she thinks she hopes they didn’t.

“I’ve got to go”, he tells her, “have a nice evening”.

She’s left alone again, the silence seems very loud. She finishes her wine quickly, she wants to be in bed. Struggling with her wrists cuffed together is tiring. She heads upstairs and starts getting ready for bed.

Squeezing the toothpaste from the tube is a challenge, and brushing her teeth even more so. She does the best she can. Using the toilet is another reminder of her bound state. She struggles to wipe herself, grateful he isn’t there to see her awkwardness. Then again, if he was there, she thinks, he would help her. She imagines his hands performing that service for her and is struck by desire and embarrassment mixed.

She curls up in bed, not wanting to sleep. Brushing her hair away from her eyes with her joined hands, and thinking about how helpless she feels left like this. She isn’t going to sleep yet, no definitely not…

Suddenly she’s awake. It’s darker now. She hears a sound downstairs and is suddenly frightened. It must be him. But what if it isn’t? She’s helpless like this, perhaps she should try to get free, but she knows she won’t.

The bedroom door opens and she’s relieved to see him in the doorway. He comes in and throws back the covers. Before she can speak, he is kissing her. He raises his head from her lips only long enough to raise her bound hands above her head, and then his mouth comes down on hers. He is hard, insistent, there is no softness in this kiss. He’s still fully dressed, his body pressing down on top of her. One hand holds her arms out of the way, the other is fumbling at his crotch.  With his knee he forces her legs apart. He forces himself inside her, only then lifting his head from hers to allow her to breathe. She struggles against him, and yet her body rises eagerly towards him. He pounds into her, his mouth coming down again, restricting her breathing. She’s lost in the feeling, his body heavy above her, zips and buckles digging into her flesh, his cock filling and stretching her, his mouth controlling her breathing. She’s writhing against him now, crying out as she cums, and hearing his answering cry as if from a long way away.

They collapse side by side on the bed, and he un-cuffs her hands and holds her close.

Author: Caitlin

Geeky, kinky and poly. Discovering my Domme side. Sometimes NSFW and 18+.

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