Currently I seem to be having a lot of trouble reaching orgasm.

I’ve never found it particularly easy, mind you. I pretty much have to be able to tense my legs out straight, which means a lot of physical positions almost guarantee I won’t be able to cum. And Perrin says I ‘orgasm like a boy’, by which he means I get one (huge) orgasm and then I’m spent. I can’t bear to be touched for a bit, and generally just want to go to sleep.

Recently though, it’s been harder and harder to actually reach orgasm. It’s not as though I’m not turned on, I’ve been pretty desperate to cum. It just takes ages. It’s probably not helped by the fact that I end up feeling guilty that Perrin is having to work so hard to get me there. I know he wants me to cum, and I want to oblige, so how can it be so hard?

Whenever I read erotica (or other peoples blogs) I get slightly depressed by the descriptions of girls ‘cumming and cumming’ at the slightest touch or even word. It sounds fantastic, I just wish I could! Perrin even said he wished I could cum on command, and I know he’s not (just) being lazy. Actually, part of me thinks that’s not possible, but then again it’s possible to masturbate without using your hands, so theoretically maybe it is.

All of which leaves me wondering. Do I need to do anything to get back to my normal, only moderately difficult to cum, state, or will I bounce back naturally? Is there anything I can do to make myself cum more readily? No answers today, only questions.

Author: Caitlin

Geeky, kinky and poly. Discovering my Domme side. Sometimes NSFW and 18+.

2 thoughts on “Orgasms”

  1. I notice that you use words like “desperate” and “guilty”. Neither condition of which is conducive to realaxing.

    I would completely stop having “orgasm” as the goal. Don’t try to have one. Take away the feeling of “pass or fail”. Just enjoy being touched or touching yourself. Let Perrin stimulate you however he wants to and let your body respond as much or as little as it needs to. There’s no right or wrong response, no pass mark or failure, you’ve passed simply by submitting to his touch.

    Eventually, if you take the pressure off yourself, you’ll cum. And when you do it’ll take you both by surprise.

    Just relax and allow your body not to cum.

    sev xxx

    1. Thank you, that’s good advice. It’s easy to get hung up on these things, which as you say is counterproductive.
      Being relaxed is something I need to work on. 😉


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