Making your mark

Making your mark
Making your mark

Long ago, before Caitlin’s disappearance (metaphorically) due to the mini-pill, we had had spanking sessions, and such like, though I’d never really got the whole D/s thing until recently. I’d played the part, but its only with Caitlin’s reappearance that I’ve appreciated the full nature of my wife, and how being submissive is important to her.

We recently re-watched Secretary, and (surprisingly for a Hollywood film) it really brought home to me how strong submissives are.  D/s is not strength / weakness.

So, I’d never whipped Caitlin enough to leave a mark, and I though I’d better correct this. These were made with a wound up tea towel, it was surprising effective, especially with the buusiness end dipped in water.

I can’t begin to describe how proud I am for her to remain standing while I made them.

One thought on “Making your mark”

  1. Perrin
    The idea of marking your submissive or slave is a huge step both physically and emotionally. I can only assume that the idea of being marked is one that is shared by both of you but I know that is only an assumption on my part. If the intention is to mark there are a myriad of implements available that will produce the results you are looking for. Wooden spoons, rulers, belts are but a few that come to mind all of which will allow you much more control.
    I wish you both well in your journey.

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