HNT – Playing in the snow

Caitlin was complaining about how I never took photographs of her nude anymore.

If you’ve read the first few posts, you’ll understand how our love life had taken rather a nosedive, and this was linked to it. Its hard to think creatively about someone you admire, if they are not responding to your advances. Certainly for me, for my wife.

Happily this has recently changed, and she’s much more the woman I fell in lust with (and love, but that never went away).

So to celebrate HNT and our rediscovered feelings, I told her to roll in the snow while I took some photographs.


Caitlin in the snow
Caitlin in the snow

2 thoughts on “HNT – Playing in the snow”

  1. Awww that’s so nice, especially since it represents a time of positive change.

    I love the submission that this must have represented. I’d love to feel so submissive that I’d willingly do that for someone. One day.

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